Jakarta : But First Coffee

New Coffee Shop in the south of Jakarta !

Actually.... I have been to this coffee shop since around July when they're just opened. Haha... I know, I know... the hectic-life makes me got no time for blogging, so... too bad I'm not that 'Kekinian' ( Indo-slang for swag/cool ) anymore! :p

So this coffee shop is located in Pelaspas Dharmawangsa, a creative space in Dharmawangsa area. Yep... the place is super petite, but it's well decorated IMO. The decor are a bit Hippie/Bohemian/Indie style, so it's feels like a Japanese or Indie place at some moment. Oh.. they also have indoor seating for those who smoking.

That day I opted for their Espresso - IDR 22.000,-. They using a blend of Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia. Full body with sweet chocolatey notes. I do like how they presented all the coffees with customized ceramics cup! It's soooo earthy and rustic. 

Decided to have my second cup, I opted for Aeropress 'Lintong' Coffee - IDR 28.000,-. This Lintong coffee was tasted light body, fruity but I found it was a balanced cup !

A friend of mine opted for some Ice Cappucino - IDR 28.000,-. In here they using a different method for the milk. They use a plunger to froth the milk, so the result was quite smooth yet very creamy imo. 

They don't have too many snacks to accompany the coffee, so I just have this Donut - IDR 5.000,-. Well... it's a so-so one, so nothing to talk about.

But First Coffeeshop
Pelaspas Dharmawangsa
Jl. Dharmawangsa Raya No.4, South Jakarta
Opening Hours : Everyday, 7am - 9pm
Instagram : @ButFirstCoffeeShop

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