Jakarta : Full Moon Splendor aat JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Let's celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival with Mooncakes !

This year, the month of September will be celebrated with Mid Autumn Festival. Chinese people always believe that this is the time for reunion with the families, thanksgiving and also praying. To celebrates this joyous time, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta presented a new variant of their signature mooncakes !

The event started with some Cooking Demo by Executive Chinese Chef John Chu. Chef John teaches us how to make moon cake. He explain that they use only finest and authentic ingredients here in JW Marriott, so the result will be authentic as well. 

For the new one, Chef John makes 2 new additions for their signature mooncakes. White Lotus Paste with Black Sesame and Chocolate and Custard Milk Mooncake. 

Here are the complete lists of Mooncake that you can choose from !
 - Large Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Small Bamboo Charcoal with Pandan Coconut 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc
 - Baked Large White Lotus with Single Yolk 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Baked Small White Lotus with Yolk 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc
 - Baked Large Red Bean Paste 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Baked Small Red Bean Paste 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc
 - Large Chocolate with Custard Milk 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Small Chocolate with Custard Milk 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc
 - Large White Lotus with Black Sesame 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Small White Lotus with Black Sesame 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc
 - Baked Large White Lotus with Double Yolk 488k/Box/4pcs or 88k/pc
 - Baked Small White Lotus Plain 468k/Box/6pcs or 58k/pc    

You can purchased this on Pearl Chinese Restaurant from 1st August - 8th October, 10am - 10pm.

After the mooncake demo, we can savor some of the Chinese dishes from Pearl Restaurant. To start, of course I opted for some soup. This one is Drunken Prawn, Sea Clam and Chicken. Love how they presented it with Live Fresh Seafood! I'm also loving the soup which is tasted very herbal !

Poached Cantonese Chicken Dumpling with Vegetables. This one was really- really yum! Love how light the dressing was, but it's perfectly matched with the savory dumplings.

Peking Duck was also nice and savory.

BBQ Charsew Chicken with Carrot Mantou. The filling actually tasted quite nice with nice chasiu flavor, but the mantou was too thick, so it's kind of make us full.

The Popiah actually tasted very nice! So many textures and perfectly seasoned !

And... some desserts ! Unfortunately I can't remembered all the names, but I really like the jelly that served with lime ! So light and refreshing!

Pearl Chinese Restaurant
JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Level 2
Jl. DR Ide Anak Agung Gede Agung Kav. E1.2 No. 1-2
Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone :  ( 021 ) 579 88888
Facebook : JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Instagram & Twitter : @jwmarriottjkt

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