Jakarta : From Gajah Mada to Muara Angke

Taking my Italian friend for some culinary adventures in Jakarta !

I'm so excited when I heard that my Italian friend, Antonio, will visit Jakarta. He always love traveling, but this time he will go around Asia, especially some big cities like Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta. He also love food ! That's why I'm excited to take him around and try various delicious Indonesian Food.

Too bad I'm only got one day to take him around, so I take him to places that he never been before. First stop is my favorite Padang/ Minang restaurant! Yes... Indonesian cuisine are well known with it's Rendang, that's why it's a-must to eat Padang food when you visit Indonesia. Padang dishes are usually spicy, since the people of Minangkabau are living in the higher altitude. They need spicy food to warmed them up! 

So yes, I take Antonio to this Padang restaurant called Hidangan Baru in Gajah Mada area. This restaurant is already established from long - long time ago. Rumor has it, that this place is the favorite restaurant of our former President. What I like from this Padang is they have this super thick and intense coconut flavor of Gulai. Antonio tried it and he like it.
I'm also quite surprised that Antonio could handle the heat from the spicy Dendeng Balado! He also brave enough to eat some Cattle's Brain. Lols! I'm sorry..... Indonesian do have some 'exotic' ingredients of food. And Antonio also interested with Nasi Tumpeng when he sees it! This Nasi Tumpeng usually only served in special occasions.

After Hidangan Baru, we went to Mangga Besar area. And since Antonio ask me to show him some more 'exotic' food, I took him to Istana Raja Kobra. To be honest, I'm never been to this place before! Haha... But since I got company, I brave myself to visit this place. Yes people, this is a place when you can eat snakes, crocodiles, and etc. 

Well we decided to order for Cobra Snake Satay. When it's arrived on our table, well... it does look like usual satay. But... both Antonio and I weren't brave enough to try it. So we decided to just go. 

The last place to visit is this Fisherman's Market at Muara Baru. This place is a place to find fresh seafoods, because it's the same place with the port and warehouse.You can find almost everything here ! From Giant Lobsters, Crawfish, Squids, Prawns, Fish everything ! 

Antonio decide to have some Lobster, so we bought some and bring it to nearby restaurant. Yes they can cook it for you!

After our tummy full of food, we decided to go home and rest. It's too bad I'm only have short time to show Antonio around, but I've heard he will visiting some interesting places. If you wanna know where he's been or where he will be going, you can look at his Instagram or Twitter @AntonioTravels or you can check through #ItalianGoesLocal hashtags, or maybe his Facebook Pages : Antonio Travels . Ciao !


  1. My love for chinese food is infinite. this post had me craving for some mainstream chinese dishes like the mooncakes, chowmein, prawn, sea clam and the variety of chinese chicken.



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