Travel : Windsor Castle, UK

Wanna know where the 'Royals' live? Definitely must visit this Windsor Castle!

It's not harm to visit touristy place isn't it? Especially when it's your first visit to some city or countries, you'll definitely wanna see the real 'Big Ben' or 'Eiffel Tower' with your own eyes, right? Same as me, during my last trip to UK and I was just by myself, I decided to took 1 day trip tour to 3 touristy places. Which is, Windsor Castle, Roman Bath and Stonehenge. 

I knowwwww..... it's a bad idea to take this tour. Why? Because you clearly don't have enough time to explore more on each sites ( around 2 hours per each sites ), and you'll spend most of your time on the bus! But... I don't have other option am I?  I'm alone, I still don't know how to get to those sites by myself, and I'm running out of time. So.... If you are like me, you're forgiven to take a tour ! :p 

I took the tour with EvanEvans Tour, because simply, they got good reviews. It cost me around £94 for 1 day trip, and I could say they got good service. Not excellent, but okay enough. Since there so many things to see in each sites, so I need to do separate blogpost for each of them. Right now, Windsor would be the first! 

Windsor seems a laidback and quite city. You can see, the buildings still reflects the classic and traditional English. Not enough time to explore the city, now we heading straightly to the Windsor Castle. 
The Old Train at Royal Windsor Station

The Curfew Tower
Windsor Castle is still a home residence for British Royal Family, and apparently Queen Elizabeth II was at home at the day of my visit. I didn't get a chance to meet her ( of course, lols ) but at least I can see where she lives. haha... The State Apartment is closed for visit, if the Queen was home.
Where the Queen lives

Windsor Castle is quite huge. Another thing to see is Queen Mary's Doll House. Too bad, no photos allowed, so I will described it to you. This is a display room of a very detail doll house. Very detail because it's fully furnished with classic British centerpieces. 
Can you guess what these are for?

The Round Tower with the garden
The Norman Gate
Middle Ward

Oh don't miss the 'Changing The Guards'. Can't be more British than this isn't it?

Windsor cityview

St George's Chapel is quite huge. With it's Gothic architecture, this chapel is quite majestic.

Enough with the Castle, my tour guide do mention a bit of THE BEST cinnamon rolls are here in Windsor! I'm quite curious though, so I do give it a try. And oh my..... This cinnamon rolls is really huge! Is it worth to be called 'The Best'? And I could say... Maybe !!! It's sooooo fluffy, served warm with icing sugar on top. Maybe it's a bit too sweet for me, but I do love the soft pillowy texture of this cinnamon rolls! I do recommend you to try ! :D 

Cinnamon Cafe 
Royal Station Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1PJ, United Kingdom
Phone :+44 1753857879

Even though there's not many thing to do in Windsor ( oh I just knew that they have Legoland here ! ), but... a trip to Windsor Castle might bring the inner-British in me. Lols ! If you can appreciate the history, you might enjoy your visit to the castle, but if you're not, I guess it's worth to skip the trip. 
The Royal Station!

Windsor Castle
Windsor and Maidenhead SL4 1NJ, United Kingdom
Opening Hours : 9.45am - 5.15pm
Phone : +44 20 7766 7304


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