Recipe : Nasi Goreng Kecombrang ( Torch Ginger Fried Rice )

Another use of Kecombrang? Make a fragrant fried rice !

Kecombrang, or Etlingera elatior , is one exotic Indonesian valuable plant that I've been crazy about lately. Many people starting to like it or know about it, because maybe, the popularity of Balinese Sambal Matah. Kecombrang had soooo many different names throughout Indonesia also outside of Indonesia as well. 

Other names of Kecombrang : 
– Rias (Mandailing/North Sumatra)
– Kencong or Kincung (Medan/North Sumatra)
– Kincuang and Sambuang (Minangkabau/West Sumatra)
– Kecombrang (Java)
– Honje (Sunda/West Java)
– Bongkot (Bali)

– Torch Ginger / Ginger Flower / Red Ginger Lily ( English )
– Bunga Kantan ( Malay ) 
– Daalaa ( Thai )

Well yeah.... you name it. But for me, I think Kecombrang is the most common name in Indonesia, so I'm just stick with that :p 

You can use Kecombrang from the flower until their stalk. Kecombrang taste very fragrant, a bit similar to lemongrass in texture, but they're getting softer when it's cooked. Kecombrang also had many uses for medication. It is well known for breast feeding and high in antioxidants !

I've had making several dishes using Kecombrang lately, so when I had some leftovers, I kind of confused what to do with it again. Well... Kecombrang is last longer in the fridge, so when the outer part got blackened and withered, you can just easily peel the outer layer. So when my friend posted on Path that she making the Kecombrang Fried Rice, I kind of excited to try by myself. And yes, I'm hooked with this dish !

Fried Rice is one of the national dish of Indonesia. It's an easy-fast-food yet supper-cured, even Saveur Magazine already put Nasi Goreng recipe in their magazine. It's best to used a 1 day old rice to make nasi goreng, because they will be dried, so it's not soggy when you cook it. You can just cook your rice in the night and put in a fridge, then you will get a perfect rice for nasi goreng in the next morning.

I've told you, it's EASY. So I believe you will be addicted to this recipe, since it's easy to make, yet, very fragrant and unique in flavor. So let's start !

Nasi Goreng Kecombrang ( Torch Ginger Fried Rice )
Serves : 4 

Ingredients :
500gr 1 day old Rice
250gr Chicken Fillet
5 Shallots, roughly chopped
3 cloves of Garlic, roughly chopped
5 Bird Eye Chilies ( or less if you don't like spicy ), sliced
1 stalk of Kecombrang, sliced thinly ( or more if you like )
5 Lime Leaves ( daun jeruk ), remove the stalk and sliced thinly
2tbsp Anchovies or Fish Sauce, or 1tbsp Terasi ( Balacan ) if you don't have the fish sauce
1tbsp Dark Salted Soy Sauce ( optional because only for color :p )
4tbsp Oil
Salt and Pepper for taste
1 Sunny Side Up Egg ( for topping )

Instructions :
1. Heat your wok, put in oil. After it's hot enough, put in Garlic, Shallots, Chillies, Kecombrang, tossed well until it's fragrant.
2. Put in chicken, and when it's half way cooked, put in day old rice. Mixed well.
3. Put the Salt and Pepper, Anchovies/Fish sauce, Dark Salted Soy Sauce, and Lime Leaves. Mixed well.
4. Served while hot, and don't forget, Nasi Goreng will not be perfect without the sunny side up. Enjoy !


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  1. beautiful photos... just... beautiful <3

  2. The nasi goreng look delicious :9 Me, want it :D

  3. Koyok'e uenak yoo mbok, aku yo arep mangan iki

  4. Lihat tampilannya enak tuh, apalagi telornya itu lho: setengah matang! Sederhana nan menggoda!

  5. ternyata resepnya banyak yah membuat nasi goreng ala kecombrang

  6. Yesterday I participated in a fried rice cooking contest at my child's school . I use this recipe and won the first place ... yeeayy .. thanks ya mba Natasha ...

  7. @Nita : Wahh happy to hear that! Congrats and thank u!

  8. Great wanna taste this after sharing this recipe with some of my friends and they cook, then I'll have some, if not a lot, of it as I can't cook myself... :)

  9. This fried rice recipe sound like so yummy and you shard great method to make this with Ingredients. I would like to try this. Thanks for sharing this delicious post with us.

  10. This recipe looks so yummy and and you shared Ingredients which have used in this recipe. Thanks for sharing this post here.



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