Bali : Rung Rheung

Hidden gem of a Thai Restaurant in Bali !

Back to my Bali journey, that time my friend ( who lives in Bali ) recommend this Thai restaurant in Bali. The place is quite 'hidden' but not that hard to find. Who knows you can get a nice Thai food here in Bali ? I don't ! Even in fact, I'm never thinking of having one in Bali. When in Bali, you want that pork ribs or that 'betutu' right? 

So anyway we're starving and ready for the food. Sorry I didn't take so much photos of the interior ( lols ). But yeah... the place is..... a bit sketchy. It's very humble, with Thai decorations and Thai songs on the back. But yeah.... I guess we're here just for the food.

So let's start with the food shall we? We opted for some Som Tam  - IDR 38.000,-. Som Tam is my fave food, and this one is also good. Nice dressings, sour, salty bit spicy. Fresh !

Pork Leg - IDR 98.000,-. Oh yeah.... can't miss the porky right? This one is actually quite yummy too. The skin was crispy, and the meat was still juicy. The bad thing is only because the ratio of the fats are too much than the meats. 

Tom Yum Seafood - IDR 68.000,-. The seafood was fresh, and the soup was tasted very authentic. It's sour, it's spicy and the flavor was quite intense. Yummm !

Green Chicken Curry - IDR 56.000,-. This one was also yum because the curry is quite light but packed with flavors in there.

Grilled Chicken - IDR 56.000,-. This chicken was grilled to perfection. Still moist and tasted savory.

So yeah, for you who looking for Thai restaurant in Bali, I recommend you to try this spot. The price wasn't bad at all isn't it? Cheers for another journey !
Rung Rheung 
Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu Km5, Bali
Phone : 0361 847 1517
Opening Hours : 10am -10pm


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