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Take your trip to the era of Steampunk !

Month ago, Me and several bloggers was invited to do food tasting at this new restaurant at Fairgrounds. Gosh... it was a LOT OF food for your information. So yeah, bear with me until the end of this post. 

Guess the 'steampunk'-theme been all over the world right now. But I guess Hide and Seek done the first one in Jakarta. I kinda like the entrance, because it's kind of 'hidden' from outside, and I guess it's matching the name. When you got in, it was quite spacious and I'm loving their vintage centrepieces. 

The bar was quite eye-catching though. I also liking the copper espresso machine ! 

We starting the lunch with Truffle Chesnut Soup - IDR 69.000,-. This one is my personal favorite ! It's creamy, but not too heavy, and truffle oil always lifting up your appetite isn't it?

And, Soybean Truffle Tangy Salad - IDR 75.000,-. This salad was quite interesting, because they're using soybean here, and it does tasted like 'Tempe Goreng' :p The dressing was tangy and refreshing. It's nice to find not-your-typical salad sometimes.

Maybe some bar-food?  Jack Daniel's Coke Chicken Wings - IDR 79.000,-. The chicken was perfectly cooked, it was crispy. But I think the sauce&dressings was too sweet. A bit more saltiness would balanced this dish. 

A must-have Pasta menu is this Truffle Cream Orecchiette with Pork Belly - IDR 105.000,-. Yep another dish with Truffle Oil will always be good. This pasta was creamy, and the chunk of pork belly just melts in your mouth. Yum !

Country Style Roasted Chicken Half - IDR 95.000,-. Lovely herbs taste in the chicken! The gravy was savory enough. 

Baked Norwegian Salmon Fillet - IDR 139.000,-. This salmon was cooked with Goma ( Black Sesame ) sauce. The taste was quite strong and pretty interesting though. It's also served with sweet and soft butternut pumpkin and rice pilaf. If you're looking for something new, you can opted for this dish.

 Classic Char-Grilled Wagyu Rib Eye - IDR 239.000,-. The meat was tender and juicy ! It was just good as it is. They also put some yorkshire pudding on the side, but I think the yorskhire pudding should be more puffy and light in texture.

Slow Braised BBQ Prime Ribs - IDR 269.000,-. This one was also a winner ! Very tender and succulent ! You can just ripped off the meat from the bone. Love !

In Hide and Seek, they also served some Asian dishes, such as this Chinese- style Pork Belly Confit - IDR 159.000,-. The pork belly, oh my..... crispy crust with tender meats, it's just melts-in-your-mouth ! The 'sambal' was quite fragrant, reminded me of Balinese Sambal Matah. This dish also served with a nice cous-cous. Must try !

Green Curry Barramundi - IDR 95.000,-. This dish also simply good ! The Barramundi was fresh, and the thai-style green curry was fragrant and nice.

For dessert, Chocolate Mille Feuille - IDR 69.000,-. Loving the presentation! This dish has so many textures, which I like ! The crispy layer of chocolate mille feuille, the soft choco mousse and ice cream, the chewy coffee caviar, mmmm..... Guess you will have a choco-gasm when eating this dish.

Bread and Butter Pudding - IDR 65.000,-. I kinda like the twist in this bread butter pudding. They put some nuts in it so it has lovely nutty taste and also mix of texture. The taste was veryyy milky, but it's a bit too sweet for my palate.

In here, you can enjoy their extensive Cocktails and Spirits selections. Prepare yourself, because they make their drinks very strong !
Cheers !

Hide and Seek Swillhouse
Fairgrounds Lot 14 SCBD, Jendral Sudirman 52-53
Phone : ( 021) 5150366

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thurs 11.00-00.00, Fri-Sat 11.00-02.00

Facebook : Hide Seek Jakarta
Instagram : @hideseekjkt 


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