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One of the new establishment of Ismaya Group !

I've heard a lot about this new spot in the East Mall of Grand Indonesia. Yes of course maybe because it's Ismaya's. They already well known with great concept and branding, also a strong marketing plan. So I've met Chef Philip Mimbini of Ismaya in one event before, and he invited me over to try this new concept. So here I am! 

Just as it's name, Publik Markette taking concept of a market, but in more sophisticated way. The interior was nicely decor with hanging plants and Scandinavian-style furniture. In Publik Markette, you can choose the food that they displaying on their 'Food Gallery' and it's changed everyday ! I bet you cannot help yourself to not order this and that, since the display is soooo mouthwatering.

Between the Lunch and Dinner time, unfortunately you can't choose the food from the 'Food Gallery', but they serve an ala carte menu. To strengthen the 'market' concept, they also sell their homemade sauce and premium cooking ingredients such as EVOO or Black Truffle Oil.

In here, you can also enjoy variety of Healthy Juices and Smoothies. That time I opted for Furry Purple. This is a mix of Beetroot, Blueberries, Orange if I'm not mistaken. It was light, fresh and definitely, healthy. 

A friend of mine opted for this smoothies. I forgot the name, but it has strong lychee flavor. Nice.

Heading to the food gallery, I'm immediately choosing this Blue Cheese, Spinach and Turkey Bacon Quiche - IDR 65.000,-. Yes I'm a huge fans of Quiches, and I just can't help myself when I see beautiful quiches displaying like that, just like when you strolling down in European market. The puff pastry crust was very crispy and flaky, and the filling was sooo yummy! It's creamy yet savory with delish turkey bacon bits. Blue Cheese usually taste too strong, but not in this one though.

For the mains, you can choose the side-dishes that they have. Since I've heard it's a-must to order their pork belly, so I had this Crispy Pork Belly with Chili Tomato Sauce and Kimchi Fried Rice for the side - IDR 155.000,-. And yeah, the pork belly was soooo succulent ! If you didn't like too much fats, I didn't recommend you this dish because the layer of fats are still there ( and thick ! ). The skin however, is very crispy ! Cooked to perfection ! And I just found out that actually pork can goes well with tomato sauce. The kimchi fried rice was a bit spicy, but I think it would taste better if they put some ( or more ) gochujang in it. 

The other mains that we tried is Texas Dryrub Brisket with BBQ Sauce and Beetroot Goat Cheese Salad - IDR 155.000,-. I know it may not looks that pretty, but again, this brisket was sooo amazing ! It was so tender, I can just ripped it off with my fork ! It's juicy as well and it goes perfectly with the BBQ sauce. Love the sauce though since it's not too tangy. The Beetroot Salad was refreshing with some balsamic taste in it.

For the dessert, Aprilia, Public Markette's Marketing suggest us to tried their Crack Pie - IDR 50.000,- and Spanish Chocolate with Seasalt and Olive Oil - IDR 50.000,-. 

Yup maybe many people known Crack Pie because of Momofuku, but here in Jakarta, you also can taste some of this sweet treats. It was basically made from brown sugar and condensed milk. The crack pie here in Publik Markette was very gooey and fudgy in the center. The flavor was milky and definitely caramel. That gooey texture though that will make you ask for more.

The Spanish Chocolate with Seasalt and Olive Oil was also unique. The Spanish starting this way of serving dessert with Olive Oil which makes me a bit confused at first, but I'm pretty open-minded :p The Olive Oil makes it a bit slippery in your mouth, but the sweet and saltiness was quite addictive. I'm still in love-hate situation with the olive oil though, since I think they use EVOO on this tart because the taste was quite strong, but yet, it makes the tart very rich and moist. But yeah,  maybe I need another slice to decide. Lols.

 Thanks for Chef Philip, Raynald and Aprilia for having me :) Will definitely drop by again !

 Publik Markette
Grand Indonesia 
East Mall, Ground Floor No.5,
Jl. M. H. Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Facebook : Publik Markette
Twitter : @PublikMarkette
Instagram :  @PublikMarkette


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