Jakarta : Watt Coffee

Newest coffee shop in Senen area. Say Waaattt ?

Maybe you already know it, but my love for coffee is escalating so fast. The third wave coffee around Jakarta is just growing, and of course I'm a one happy coffee-consumer. Coffee shops are popping up everywhere, and now, Senen area get the spotlight.

Watt Coffee is not too spacious, but they had this outdoor terrace, which I think was quite nice. The interior is kind of industrial with the cemented wall and steel pipe decor.

To start, I had this Piccolo - IDR 28.000,-. They're using Tanamera's beans for their coffee. I don't know but for me, a piccolo should be a balance cup. This one is still a bit milky to me. Well.. I just love my coffee with more body though.

And I decided to try their Filter coffee - IDR 28.000,-. The owner decided to give me some Toraja roasted by Common Grounds in V60. It was quite nice though. Love the body, and it's sweet and chocolatey.

Red  Latte - IDR 32.000,-. Yep this kind of drink is everywhere here in Jakarta and Bandung. Taken from the Red Velvet cake, this drink is actually a chocolate with food coloring. The taste, again.. too milky and can't taste the chocolate.

Ice Black Coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee was too weak. You can see the color was very much like ice tea. I just hope they're using coffee with more 'body'.

Watt Coffee

Jl. Kwitang Raya No.14, Senen ( Next to a mosque )
Opening hours : 8am - 8 pm Everyday
Instagram : @wattcoffee


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  1. Lagi ngehitz banget nich sekarang tempat kopi2 ala2 macam ini, semoga ngak musiman aja :-)



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