Jakarta : Martabakku Menteng

When Martabak goes to another level !

Everyone are crazy about this Indonesian pancake especially in Instragram. Yes it's Martabak ! Martabak in Indonesia was usually separated in two style, Sweet or Savory.This two, however, it's pretty different when it comes to the ingredients, also the texture.

The Savory Martabak, was come from the Middle-Eastern influence, it's a stuffed pancake with crispy outer and eggy-filling. The Sweet Martabak or 'Martabak Manis', it's a one-of-a-kind street food that you can only find in Indonesia. Heavy buttery batter that cooked with cast iron pan, and served with sweet filling like chocolate, condensed milk, cheese. 

Nowadays, people in Jakarta are crazy with the Sweet Martabak with a modern twist! Yeah... the traditional filling was change with the famous Ovomaltine spread, or even Toblerone, Kitkat, etc ! Even though it's raising the chance of getting diabetes, people are still willing to wait in the longgggggg queue ( because the martabak manis is quite take time to cook :p ) and pay overrated price for the 'what-so-called-street-food'.

For me, I'm actually not a big fan of martabak though. I still eat it, but I rarely craving it. haha... Maybe because it's usually too sweet, and seriously... I can't imagine the amount of sugar ( and calories ) in it. Anyway... I just spotted this new place when I just pass by the Menteng area. The colorful design quite eye-catching, and me and my friends decided to give it a try.

The place was quite like a small food court, but it's semi-outdoor. It wasn't fully ready though, but it's comfy enough to enjoy the street-food, in tidy way. They also had Kebab and also Siomay and Satay, but martabak is the one that we want to try that time.

Start with the savory one, MarSap ( Martabak Telor Daging Sapi ) - IDR 65.000,-. The martabak quite yummy though. The crust was really thin and crispy ( usually it's too thick ), the filling was fluffy, filled with egg and spring onions. The sauce was quite different than usual one. In here they serve with Saos Asam Manis ( sweet and sour sauce ).

Now, the Sweet one ! Ready for it? First you can choose the martabak style, is it the Tebal Basah ( Thick and Moist), Tipis Kering ( Thin and Crispy ), or the Mini-sized one. After that, you can opted for the 'extra' topping. In here, they take the topping to another level, because not only nutella, ovomaltine, toblerone and kitkat, you can also have Cadburry Spread, Hershey's Spread, Milo or Skippy. The Most complete one so far! :D You can also add on some corn ( ?? ) , banana, raisins,pineapple, strawberry and jackfruit.

That time I tried this combo of Regular size Martabak Tebal Basah ( Cheese Included) - IDR 75.000,- + Hersey's Spread - IDR 50.000,-. So it's IDR 125.000,- in total. The box comes in around 8 slices, the batter however, a bit thick but fluffy enough. The Hershey's spread really does help the flavor though. And I also like the crispy thin part of it. Yummy!

Even crazier combo, Regular size Martabak Tebal Basah ( Cheese&Peanuts Included) - IDR 75.000,-+ Banana IDR 10.000,- + Cadbury - IDR 50.000,-. So it's IDR 135.000,- in total. It was also good ( and sinful ) but the banana quite take over the taste of Cadbury. I think I will stick to Nutella or Hershey's instead.

Martabakku Menteng
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto No.1, 
Menteng, Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021 ) 3915757 / 081585888588
Instagram : @martabakkumenteng 


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