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Out of the box concept with lovely food ? Why not ?

It's just a coincidence that I have something to do around Ampera, and then I remember that a dear friend of mine just start working at this newly open restaurant. I decided to visit her, plus trying the food here. And my decision was right, I had a great time and here's the story.

I bet Komunal 88's concept taken from the word 'Communal', which means 'shared by all members of a community'. In the interior you will found communal tables that makes you sit in one table with strangers, but... I don't mind though. They also had this 'Cafe Market' concept, so they display a selections of pastries, teas, coffee even some parma ham! 

The extensive selections of tea excites me. They serving the tea from Betjeman and Barton. I'm not familiar with this brand before, so I decided to give it a try. Since I loveeee Lapsang Souchong, I opted for Tarry Souchong Tea - IDR 25.000,-. This is a tea from China, and what makes it so unique is the tea has this distinctive smokiness in it. It was quite nice though, but it's getting stronger and bit bitter if you keep the tea-leaves in your pot too long.

Me and my friend was so excited when we see other people order this, so we decide to have it for ourself. Parma Platter - IDR 85.000,-. I was soo excited to see the parma ham, and yes, it was soooo good. Nice quality and just melts-in-your-mouth! When I writing this, I just notice this dish was lacking of something that written on the menu. It is said that it was served with ' D.O.P Parmiggiano Reggiano, also Unlimited Granetti and Mostrada Selection'. Too bad we didn't get any of those.

Then I'm so excited that they also make their own pasta, so I opted for Eggplant Ricotta Ravioli - IDR 70.000,-. The ravioli was made nicely with soft and flimsy pasta, the tomato sauce was also fresh and tangy. I just wish they put more ricotta, and yes, the parma ham ( once again ) elevated this dish. 

For the dessert, this Fig & Walnut Pie - IDR 49.000,- get's my attention the most. And I was right! This pie was Uh-Ma-Zing! Fig and Walnuts is just like a match made in heaven! The custard in the middle balance the texture on this pie. I really love how the figs gave a 'crunchy' caramelly taste in this pie. It's a must -try !

My friend opted for Bread Pudding - IR 65.000,-. This one is not like usual bread pudding because it was served cold. The texture was sooo soft and it was flooded with custard sauce. I kind of found it this bread pudding slightly need to be more sweet though. Oh also the downside is, this bread pudding considered as 'Open Food' on the bill. And IDR 65.000,- for a bread pudding? I guess it's not a reasonable price.

My chef's friend gave us this complimentary Paris Brest. The choux was done right and the cream inside tasted light and nutty with chunks of almond in it. 

They also display this array of dried fruits and nuts that originally from Turkey. JC, the owner, gaves us some sampler. The figs, o-m-g, soooo goood ! The taste a bit reminding you of Dates though. 

I also bought some Croissant  - IDR 12.000,- and Almond Croissant - IDR 18.000,- to have at home. Oh my, all the croissants was yummy too! It was layered perfectly and it's really flaky. You definitely have to try their Almond Croissant !

They also had their own Sparkling Water - IDR 15.000,-.
Komunal 88
Ampera Six Commercial Building
Jalan Ampera Raya No.5-6, South Jakarta
Phone : +6221-7197000

Opening Hours : 7am - 10pm
Facebook : Komunal 88  
Twitter : @Komunal88 
Instagram : @komunal88

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