Jakarta : Gaia Tea and Cakes

Finally... A proper tea-place in Jakarta !

I know this place from Ratna Somantri, a tea connoisseur also the author of 'Kisah and Khasiat Teh' book. Yep, this place is her project and of course, when I'm coincidentally visit Kemang area, I pay a visit to Gaia. 

Even though it's not time for tea anymore, I'm still curious to try some of their specialties. This place is located on the first floor of Alleira Batik, and it's decorated well. Love the proper 'bar' area, because it's designed for making tea. Also love the batik pattern throughout the room. 

For the tea, I opted for West Java Silver Needles - IDR 45.000,-. This tea is quite premium and rare, because it's made only from a young tea buds. This tea is classified as White Tea, and in Gaia they use Indonesian tea originally from Ciwidey and Sukabumi !

Love how they properly brew and presented this tea! They give us the timer, to maximize the infusion. When I'm visiting London, everytime I'm having a tea, they will also do the same. Finally in Jakarta, we also can learn how to enjoy our tea properly !

And how was the tea? Omg! I really love this tea! It's really light and smooth, and it was very floral at the first sip, then you got the sweetness at the back. It's very unique! The fragrance was also captivating. Almost like smelling a bucket of flowers. That's why I can't resist to not bought some to enjoy at home. Gaia also sell their teas in nice packaging.

I'm a big fan of Matcha, that's why when I see this on the menu I order it immediately ! Hot Matcha Latte - IDR 29.000,-. This one is also a locally-produce Matcha. I usually disappointed with all the matcha drinks in Jakarta, they were all taste the same, very floral almost like drinking a perfume. But this one is different. Love the thickness of this matcha, and you can taste the distinctive flavor of matcha even though it's already mixed with milk. 

Gaia Tea and Cakes
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 27A, 
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone : 021-7181355
Facebook : Gaia Tea Cakes
Twitter : @GaiaTeaCakes
Instagram : @GaiaTeaCakes


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