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Let's try this Japanese restaurant in Senopati area !

I always pass this restaurant since it's located in the Senopati area, and quite curious about it, but never got a chance to experience by myself. I always love Japanese food, especially the authentic one, so I always say yes every time I got an offer to try a new Japanese restaurant.

Koiki Eatery located at the posh Senopati Suites and they had 2 storey dining area. Even though it's not too spacious, but they get the most of the space. The design was very modern Japanese. Simple, minimal and symmetrical.

First one to try is their Sushi Roll. There's Koiki Sushi Roll - IDR 120.000,-. This one is quite nice because there's a tempura flakes in it to give the crunch to this sushi. The salmon was fresh too.

Next rolls is Buffalo Roll - IDR 120.000,-. Omg, this one is my favorite ! This sushi are made with Aburi Beef Angus Meat, also shitake and asparagus, and it's sooo yummm. The fried garlic on top and the sauce are also perfecting the flavor. Must try !

We got to try their noodles as well. That time I opted for Niku Udon - IDR 120.000,-. The beef was excellent and quite abundant, but too bad the soup was too bland for me. Need more of the 'dashi' taste in it. 

Some Kaiseki - IDR 1.050.000,- that prepared by chef Takaishi Akira himself. Kaiseki is a multi-course Japanese dinner for you who didn't know. In Koiki, you can get Snack, Appetizer, Grilled Dish, Tsukuri, Main Course and Dessert all at once ! I got a chance to try their Wagyu Shabu - Shabu, which you can tell that the beef was a good quality one.

The nigiri sushi and sashimi also fresh, and finally I can meet Uni again !!
Glorious !

For the dessert they serve Koiki Matcha Fondue. This one is a classic fondue, but they serve it with matcha and white chocolate melts together. Unfortunately the white chocolate was overpowering the matcha, but yeah... it's still a good treats.

Last words, thanks Koiki Eatery, Reza, Billy Oscar, Foodisme Card for having me and #JKTFoodies !

Koiki Eatery
Senopati Suites Apartment
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 41, South Jakarta
Phone : (021) 29248351
Instagram : @Koiki_Eatery

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