London : Kaffeine

Finally could visiting this legendary specialty coffee shop in London, Kaffeine !

It's just crazy how the coffee-scene in London are starting to be like 'Australian-style'. I know Sydney and Melbourne coffee thingy is trending all over the world, but .... it's just surprising how influential it was. When the last time I've had this conversation with Matt Perger from St.Ali, I'm asking him, what's the Australian-style coffee shop difference with the others? He said maybe because in Australia, the coffee shop also served great dishes, all day breakfast and brunches kind of food. So the customer can enjoy their food, pairing with great coffees. 

Yes please !

I've heard a lot about Kaffeine before, and they were on top of my list. Kaffeine started in 2009 by Australian, so yeah, they ARE an Australian Coffee Shop in London :D The location is a bit central though, because it's near the Oxford Circus. And yes, they're quite crowded. I came there not in lunch time, but it's still packed with crowds.

The space is a bit tiny though. I kind of like the seating because it's made from wooden blocks, and I think it's efficient for the space.

For my first cup, I opted for their Espresso - £2.20. They serve the espresso with Cascara, a drink made by a dried coffee cherries. They said the drink can help to clean our palate, so we can taste the coffee better. Interesting right! It's my first time tasting the Cascara, it was served a bit cold, very light almost tasted like tea, and quite refreshing too. The espresso was served nicely. Nice crema, nice body. They use Red Bricks beans. 


Then my second cup, Piccolo - £2.60.. I like their piccolo! It was well balanced and nutty. I could say it's one of the best coffee that I had in London. Kaffeine definitely a must-visit-independent coffee shop in London, and I will definitely come back !

66 Great Titchfield Street,
 London W1W 7QJ 
Opening Hours :  7.30am-6pm Mon-Fri; 8.30am-6pm Sat; 9.30am-5pm Sun
Facebook : Kaffeine
Twitter : @kaffeinelondon
Instagram :  @kaffeinelondon


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  1. Beautiful shop, nice coffee. I impressed. Thanks for a great service.

    Kicks Lab

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  3. I will certainly recommend your blog more often! Continue the good work

  4. You have a beautiful shop. Am I welcome in it? ��



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