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Let's try this newest Yakitori-spot in town !

Located in Mall Taman Anggrek, Roba Yakitori, just recently open it's first branch here in Jakarta. Roba still in the same group with Pancious, so you can easily find this restaurant which located next to Pancious.
The interior was very clean, bright and minimalist. Just like a Japanese fast food restaurant, before you eat, you will choose and order at their counter, then they will deliver it to you. 

For the Yakitori, well... we went a bit crazy ordering, because there's soooo many to choose !
Let's start with Chicken Leg Miso - IDR 15.000,-. This one is my most fave one ! The chicken was still juicy and perfectly grilled, the miso sauce on top was really nice. Savory, not too salty, and had that distinctive miso taste. I recommend you to try this one .

Beef Enoki Teriyaki - IDR 22.000,-. Nothing could go wrong with this. Perfect combo of enoki mushroom and sweet savory beef ! Their Teriyaki sauce was quite nice too.

Chicken Ball Teriyaki - IDR 15.000,-. This one also quite good, but in texture it's more softer since it's using minced chicken that shaped into a ball.

Chicken Breast Garlic Mirin - IDR 15.000,-. I kinda like the garlicky taste, but not so much for the sauce. It was like a cream sauce though.

And also many other that you can choose such as Saba Teriyaki or Beef Asparagus Teriyaki. 

They also had Katsu-style yakitori, such as this Chicken Leg Katsu - IDR 20.000,-. The skin was crunchy enough, so it's good.

You can also tried this Banana Katsu - IDR 15.000,-. Surprisingly nice ! 

If you want to enjoy it rice, you can opted for their Bento package, price range from IDR 48.000,- - IDR 68.000,-.

Roba also serves other classic Japanese side dishes, like salad, salmon sashimi, inari, etc.

And don't forget to have their Green Tea Soft Serve for dessert. It was quite nice though. Milky enough and not too icy in textures.

Roba Yakitori
Mall Taman Anggrek Level 3 #301
Jl. Letjen S. Parman, Kav. 21, West Jakarta
Phone :  +6282280080080

Facebook : Roba Yakitori
Twitter : @roba_yakitori
Instagram: @robayakitori


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