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Been sooo busy these days, finally I have time to write about this Press Lunch Invitation at GIA.

GIA is one of the new establishment of Ismaya Group, and I bet you already familiar with it since they have numerous restaurants around Jakarta now. GIA offered Italian style dishes and the kitchen was led by the Italian Chef, Chef Tomasso Gonfiantini. I know him before when I was doing my food tasting on his previous restaurant, the Safehouse and I know his cooking was good. 

Before the food, let's talk about their interior. I always like the room with high ceiling, because it's always make the room feels airy. The design also really nice. Very modern, Scandinavian and stylish. Love the mixture of geometric pattern and marbled floor. Oh they also had semi-outdoor space too and a little cozy lounge.
Canapes !

Some refreshing Mocktail!

Ok now let's heading to the lunch ! The lunch was started with some appetizer, which is Orzo - IDR 95.000,-. Orzo is the Italian name for the cereal grain Barley, and not to be confused, it's also can be refer to a rice-shaped pasta. The Orzo dish was served with Barley, Aubergine, Pomegranate, Grilled Veggies in Red Vinaigrette Dressings. It's also served with crispy and salty fried wonton skins, which a bit confusing to me. The overall  flavor was a bit tangy, but I don't know... I just don't find this appetizer suits my palate. I think it's still lacking something that could make the dish more harmonious. 

Before trying out their pasta dishes, we've been served with this complimentary bread. The bread was shaped like a 'yin-yang' and the black one was filled with cheese, and the white one was filled with olive. Both was served with olive oil 'powder'.  I love this bread !! I can tell it's a homemade bread, it was sooo fluffy !

For the pasta dishes, first we tried Bottarga - IDR 110.000,-. Bottarga is a salted,cured fish roe, the flavor was really intense, and you will  immediately could think of sea when you eat it. Unfortunately, the taste of this component was lacking in this dish. The spaghetti however, was cooked al dente in aglio olio style, quite spicy, and I kind of like the crunch of the sicilian crumbs on top.

The second pasta was Caserecce - IDR 95.000,-. Caserecce is a shaped pasta like a very narrow, twisted and rolled tube. The pasta was served with garlic confit also parmesan and chili. This one is also a bit spicy and I love the garlicky taste in it.

Next one is Cartoccio - IDR 175.000,-. This one is a baked barramundi fish with mussels, olives, tomato and Pinot Grigio. Barramundi is my favorite fish and I love to enjoy it when it's not overcooked. Barramundi is a meaty type of fish, and it's become a bit dense when it's overdone. 
Bistecca - IDR 340.000,-. This one is a MUST-TRY dish when you're going to eat here! The char-grilled 'Stockyard' Sirloin was perfectly cooked, and it was juicy, melts-in-your-mouth steak! I love the smokey taste in the meats too! The sauce was also great, bit sweet yet savory. The steak also served with gorgonzola polenta.

And for the dessert ! Cannoli Siciliani - IDR 55.000,-. Love the hazelnut gelato that was served with the Cannoli. Not a big fan of the shells because it tasted like wonton skins though, not an pastry dough. The filling would be more better if they put more ricotta cheese IMO. 

Tiramisu - IDR 60.000,-. It's been said that it's the chef's grandmom recipe. Well.. would tasted better though if they served the tiramisu more cold. 

GIA Jakarta
Sampoerna Strategic Square
South Tower, Ground Floor,
 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav 45-46, Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 57953300
Facebook : GIA Jakarta
Instagram & Twitter : @GIAJakarta


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