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Specialty Coffee in Brum ( Birmingham ) ? Ow yeah !

I took an early train to Brum just to meet my friend there. Brum is another big city in England, but it's not as busy as London in my opinion. And yeah, you can see that  the city is a mixture of modern and classic architecture. As the 'first manufacturing town in the world', you can visit some of the interesting museum or attractions here. From the 'Cadburry World' or the 'Thinktank Science Museum'. Too bad I don't have many times there, I'm only available to pay a visit to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It's quite nice though! and it's free, so you definitely have to pay a visit there!

Since it's still so early, and my friend hasn't come yet, I decided to look for place to have coffee and breakfast. After googled about the specialty coffee here in Brum, apparently, not many option but thank God there's 6/8 Kafe. If you ask, I always opted for independent/specialty coffee shop because they're definitely better than chains one, the beans was in good quality, and usually, they're using the beans that bought straightly from the farmers. In short brief, it's also helping the sustainability for the coffee farmers.

6/8 Kafe is near St Philip’s cathedral, so it's located quite in the central of Brum. It's quite spacious, with simple and modern wooden furnish. It's been said that 6/8 Kafe was voted as the Top 50 Best Coffee Shops in England. Cool right. 

The barista was so friendly, and after a bit of conversation, she was speaking my language ! ( Hello Sal ! :D ) Yes she's from Brunei! Our neighbor country! That time I'm having Flat White - £2.50. They're using Hasbean Jailbreak Blend. The body still there, the milk is smooth and silky. Nice cup.

For accompany my Flat White, I also order Apple Caramel Cake. It's not too sweet and there's a nice tangy apple flavor in it. But I think if it's more moist in texture, would be better since it's a bit dry.

Six Eight Kafe ( 6/8 Kafe )
6/8 Temple Row,
Birmingham, B2 5HG
Phone : 0121 488 8089

Opening Hours : Monday-Friday: 07:30-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-17:00
Sunday: 10:30-16:30

Facebook : Six Eight Kafe
Twitter @SixEightKafe


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