Travel : 10 Things To Do In London

Planning to go to this city of dreams ? Check out my list of what to do in London !


1. Sleep In Somebody's House ?
Forget staying in a hotel, besides the price was quite high, you will have a different experience if you try to spend your night in a house for rent ! Yes, that's what I always like when I traveling. I love to experience like a locals when I travel. So it would be great to stay at a real house or apartments, besides just an usual hotel. You can use Airbnb or OneFineStay to look for the available rooms or house for rent. That time we're renting the house in Flanders Road. With 4 bedrooms, I could say I'm pretty impress. And yes, just like in your own home, you can cook, do laundries, have a wi-fi, and that time, they're also have piano in the house :D Ohhh! They're also used Aesop for the toiletries ! 

Flanders Road
A full kitchen with Kitchen Aid and Piston Coffee Machine? I'm happy !

2. Visiting Touristy Place?
There's nothing wrong with that! With such an iconic city like London, you'll definitely wanna have a picture of yourself with the Big Ben right? Well for this guide, I bet you already know which one to visit.

Hyde Park !
Hyde Park for kids !

3. Eat On The Street !
Did you know that White British people who live in London is a minority now ? There are so many migrants and tourist that come to this busy city, that's why no wonder it's hard to ask for directions when you're lost, because most people was also a tourist or newcomer to this city! Seriously! I've had done that ! :D 
But yeah, the good things is, the food here was sooooo varied ! And that's a foodie-heaven isn't it? I've tried some Ethiopian, Cuban, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese food there ! Even you can find Burmese or Cambodian food too ! Well too bad though, I didn't find any Indonesian food in the streets. But you can visit Warung Padang London for an authentic Indonesian food ! You also can check out a well-arrange street food market by Kerb Food.

Ethiopian Food !

4. Having A Posh High Tea
While in UK ! You definitely have to experience a real British tea time right? Practice to raise your pinky while drinking your tea, there are sooo many options to have a high tea throughout London. Well... for once a lifetime experience, you definitely could try a posh and iconic high tea at Prêt-à-Portea - The Berkeley Hotel

5. No Time For Decaffeination
I can see the raise of Specialty Coffee Movement was going throughout London. Please, forget St*rbucks or those others coffee-chains, there are sooooo many good coffees even my two weeks in London wasn't enough to try all ! I always look for specialty coffee shops, because they served better coffee and also provide a better sustainability for the coffee farmers. I recommend you to look from the book of The London Coffee Guide , or my guide here. 

6. See The City from Higher Altitude
Ok we're talking about The London Eye. Is it worth to pay around £21.50 for this ride ? Personally I would say, YES ! It's just amazing to see the view of the city from higher level, you can see a mixed of classical architectures vs modern buildings. You can enjoy this for 30minutes/ride. 

7. Check Out The Market 
There's soooo many markets in London to choose for. The famous Portobello Market definitely a must. But you can also visit the non-mainstream one like the medieval-themed market, Camden Town or Flower Market on Columbia Road. Oh... for every foodie, Borough Market is the one to go to !
Portobello Market

How cute is this seating place !!
Peonieesssss <3 td="">

Officially The World Hottest Chillies?

8. Pub's Time ! Plus Indie Music ?
Another thing to do in London is definitely going to their Pubs. There are so many of them, and the name was usually also funny too! And yes, there's nothing more British than having a Sunday's Roast on Sunday. You definitely have to try the roast that only served on Sunday, with the Yorkshire Pudding ! Also when visiting the Pub, you can try wide variations of British Ciders !
Sunday's Roast

One time my friend take me to this pub called The Gladstone Arms and they have a small gig performance of a group of indie bands which I really-really like! Rumor has it that Ellie Goulding has been performing on this pub before she was famous ! London was also well known for it's cultures, so I always enjoy the street-musician/performer that you can find easily throughout London. And yeah... they were usually really-really good ! Remember Ed Sheeran ? :)
9. Free Museum
What's cool from London is, you can visit some of their Museum, for free !! And what's inside is very cool too. Definitely a must-do !! I've been to Natural History Museum and also British Museum.

Remember 'Night at the Museum' ?

10. Shop! Shop! Shop!
As a foodie, I'm definitely looking for kitchen stuff and unique cooking ingredients when I travel. And yes, London has so many to offer ! If you are a foodie like me, you definitely have to visit Selfridges and Harrods for their posh cooking utensils and ingredients, or even a local supermarket like Marks & Spencer or Tesco is a good choice too :D 
For fashion stuff, you can walk along the Oxford Street to find many range of brands. But yeah, for me, I found a little- heaven in Primark :p
Food section in Harrods

Harrods !
Nike Store !

Kyaaaa the Copper one is my wishlist !!
Loveee Tatty Devine's necklaces!

Cereal Magazine is the it-magazine right now IMO

So that's all of my top 10 list. I know there are so many other things to do in London. But if you are a foodie like me, you definitely wanna try all of this. Have you had any other recommendations? Comment to me below! ;)


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