Jakarta : W'dank Bloggers Luncheon

Last saturday, me and several bloggers was invited to this Bloggers Luncheon with PT Nutrifood Indonesia.

PT Nutrifood already well known with their healthy and nutritious products, now they come up with something that is very Indonesian, W'dank. 

W'dank comes from a Javanese language, 'Wedang', which means beverages. Everytime I hear the word 'wedang', I always remember the cold days and I sat down, slurping my warm wedang slowly :p Anyway, back to the event, we also got a chance to taste W'dank Bajigur. Bajigur is a traditional drink from West Java, it's made from Coconut Milk, Aren Sugar and Pandan leaves also added to give more fragrant taste to it.

I kinda like this W'dank Bajigur though. It's not too sweet ( because usually Indonesian beverages products was overly sweet for me ), it's a bit savory though because of the coconut milk and you definitely can taste the distinctive taste of Aren Sugar. It's just perfect to enjoy in rainy season like nowadays!

W'dank also comes with another variant of flavor. Just like this classic ginger drink, Sari Jahe, Makassar's Traditional drink, Sarabbah, and also Bir Pletok, traditionally from Betawi. 

At the event, @TravelJunkieID also shares his experience traveling and blogging around Indonesia. He shares his top 3 picks traveling destination in Indonesia, which is Raja Ampat ( Papua ), Kampung Berua ( South Sulawesi ) and Kampung Naga ( West Java ).

We're having several Indonesian dishes from Plataran Dharmawangsa. The venue was really nice! Very green and exotic Javanese kind of place. The food, to be honest, not so authentic Indonesian. Maybe a fusion twist? But I kind of like the sweet chicken. Sorry we didn't know what's the name of the dishes :D

Last words, I really had a great time at this event, thanks Nutrifood for having me ! :)

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