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The Honeycomb Ice Cream which been buzzing around Korea now finally can be found in Jakarta !

Yes it's Wooyoo Ice Cream ! Located in the area where all you can find is restaurants, which is Pantai Indah Kapuk. This new desserts place, offered the Korean Soft Serve Ice Cream, also variety of drinks. 

The building was very eye-catching with the pattern of honeycomb all over it. Inside, the interior was minimalist and airy, with black and white color also wooden furnish. Oh, even the music here is also Korean.

Speaking of the ice cream, they have various options for the topping here. That time we opted for the Honey Chips Ice Cream - IDR 38.000,-. The ice cream presentation quite 'dramatic', with the dry ice and smoke from the bottom of the cup. However the ice cream, was soft and melted easily, but it's just ordinary. I've tried a milkier version of soft serve before, so I have that expectation of having more milky taste in the ice cream. Honeycomb definitely elevated the taste of this ice cream. Honeycomb is the nest built by honeybees, it's healthy because it's pack with the nectar from the thousand of flowers. Honeycomb is very chewy, has deeper taste than regular honey, and yes, it's edible ! 

Misugaru Ice Cream - IDR 35.000,-. Misugaru is the Korean terms for 7 - 10 Roasted Grains and usually it's already been grinded into powder. So for this one they add Korean Cereal and Misugaru for the topping. I always love the nutty flavor of the misugaru !

In Wooyoo, they also served this Cheese Mochi Bread - IDR 10.000,-. As you can see, this bread kind of reminded me of Brazilian Cheese Bread. It's chewy, but the inside is airy. I wish the cheese flavor to be a bit more strong though.

The next one is the unique one, Green Tea Schneeballen - IDR 30.000. This one is actually a classic snack originally from Germany. It's actually made from a shortcrust pastry that form into a 'ball', but then, to eat it you have to 'smash' it with a hammer. It's fun right ! But how's the taste? The taste is just like eating a cookie, but more to a soft and slight crunchy cookies. The green tea, too bad I didn't taste any green tea flavor, just a white chocolate that poured all over it. 
Better not mess with me! I have the hammer ! :p

Stress relieve ? :D

Tadaaa !

WooYoo Ice Cream
Ruko Cordoba Blok D No.3,
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021 ) 56947824
Instagram : @Wooyooicecream 

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  1. hi quick question: is the wooden hammer a freebie? :) nice hammer....



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