Jakarta : Food Tasting : Menya Sakura at Emporium Pluit Mall

Ramen it's all over Jakarta right now. But have you tried Tsukemen ?

Yes I'm talking about another way to enjoy ramen! Sometimes it's just boring right to have ramen with usual chicken or pork broth ? Luckily last sunday, I found my new favorite !

Yes it's Menya Sakura ! Maybe some of you already known their first branch, which is in Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall, but yeah, North Jakartans.... be merry ! Because you can enjoy their delish ramen here in Emporium Pluit Mall. Even though it's not too spacious, but it's good enough to have a casual lunch or dinner with friends or families.

As I have mention before, one of the co-owner suggest me to tried their Tsukemen, and I did. This one is Tsukemen Special - IDR 90.000,-. Ok I have to tell you, this is a portion for two person! Because it's sooo big. But yeah, you also can opted for the usual one for IDR 65.000,-. Tsukemen is a new way of eating ramen, because they separate the noodle and the soup in a different bowl. Way to eat it is you took  a small  bite of the noodles, then you dipped it in the soup, and eat it. Don't try to eat the soup at it is, because usually the flavor is too strong. If you familiar with zaru soba, then you will get the idea of eating tsukemen :p 

Btw, I loveeeeeeee the soup here in Menya Sakura. Omg, it's packed of Katsuoboshi ( smoked skipjack tuna ) flavor, which I really - really love. It's thick, savory and definitely umamiiii ! I could say it's the best Tsukemen in Jakarta that I've tasted so far.

The noodle, as you can see, it's almost like udon-size noodle, I prefer it to be more chewier though since this one is a bit soft. The noodle also been served with bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg and chashu. The chashu was a bit dry though, I prefer it to be more juicy. 

Oh, another interesting thing is they use a Japanese Pepper here! The chef said the pepper here are different with the Japanese one, so they stick to use the Japanese one. I do tried the pepper, from the aroma, it's a bit mellow, but when you put it in your dish, it's quite spicy and strong. Nice one !

Their classic favorite, Tonkotsu Ramen - IDR 49.800,-. The soup however, was quite enjoyable. It's not too oily but it's savory enough. 

For a rice dish you can opted for this Spicy Char-shu Don - IDR 30.000,-. This one is a rice with pork cubed meats on it. It's a bit spicy though!

Pork Katsu. It's quite different with my expectation, because they use minced meat for this one. I couldn't taste the meat because it's a bit mushy. But it's a good dish for kids though.

Pork Gyoza - IDR 35.000,-. The filling and dipping sauce was quite nice, just the gyoza skin was too thick in my opinion.

Overall I had a nice time here, I'm definitely will be back for their Tsukemen. Thanks for having me Menya Sakura ! :)

Menya Sakura 
Emporium Pluit Mall, 4th Floor

Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, North Jakarta
Facebook : Jakarta Menya Sakura
Instagram :  @menyasakura

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