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Dining with a view? Guess that's what people looking for nowadays, especially when you are at the metropolitan city like Jakarta.

So couple weeks ago I've been invited to taste and experience this rooftop bar/lounge/club located on the 49th floor of The Plaza. What's make it's different with the other lounge is they ARE a rooftop bar. You can enjoy the air of the Jakarta ( which I didn't know if it's in good quality or not ) and also the view. The time when I came there, was a bit cloudy at that time but man.... I just love the atmosphere.

The view was still overwhelming, even though you can't see the Bunderan HI from there. Well... Calming chillwave music, sunset view, it's just a perfect place to relax and enjoying your drinks, right?

So how's about the food ? The Spanish Chef Victor Taborda was joining us and explaining all of the dishes. Shall we start ?

For appetizer we're having Spicy Beef Salad with shallot in Thai-style dressing - IDR 110.000. I tell ya', it is spicy! The dressing was perfect I think with spicy, sweet and sour taste. The beef also perfectly cooked, so it's still sweet and juicy.

Next is Black Ink Pasta with Free-Range Chicken and roasted tomato cherry and olive oil nuts - IDR 120.000. The pasta was very soft, I think it will be better if it's more 'al dente'. But I always love freshly-made pasta ! The sauce was also good with tangy and fresh flavor of tomatoes.

Sea Bass Confit with Chickpeas - IDR 250.000. Omggggg, this is my most favorite dish !! The Seabass, was perfectly cooked, it was fresh and soooooo fluffy ! The chickpeas adding some nuttyness flavor to it, but the seabass really 'shine' in this dish. Love love !

Grilled Salmon with Zucchini, Avocado and Saffron Sauce - IDR 220.000. The salmon was perfectly cooked. Safe choice for everyone !

Seared Lamb Shank with Mashed Potatoes and Demiglaze Sauce - IDR 150.000. This Lamb Shank also a winner ! The meat was soooo tender, but I found the sauce was a bit too salty. It was balanced though when eating it with the mashed potato. 

You can also have some Tapas-style dishes, just like this one Stewed Wagyu Beef Bruschetta with Gratin Aioli - IDR 140.000. This one is really good ! The stewed beef was sweet and flavorful, the baguette was fresh and crispy. Nice one!

They also served us with some of their Gourmet Pizzas, which is Truffle with Mushroom and Mozzarella - IDR 210.000, Beef and Green Paprika and Blackpepper Sauce - IDR 160.000, and Blue Cheese, Mozzarella, Cheddar and Parmesan - IDR 200.000. All of it was soooo gooood ! The pizza has nice crust, and really flavorsome taste. The mushroom one was so fragrant with the Truffle Oil taste in it, the cheese one was really cheesyyy and love the mixed flavor of blue cheese and parmesan, and the blackpepper one also nice.

For dessert, the chef prepared us some classic Spanish dish which is Churros with Chocolate and Dulce De Leche Sauce - IDR 60.000. The churros was a bit dough-y to me, but the chef said that's how they have it in Spain :D Well, I love a light and fluffy churros though.

For the drinks, we're having Triple Chocolate Martini, Berry Cheesecake and Incorrecto Sangria. Love the chocolate one !

CLOUD Lounge and Living Room
The Plaza Office Tower, 49th floor,
Jl MH Thamrin, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone : ( 021 ) 29922450
Operation Hours : Weekdays : 4pm - 2am Weekend : 4pm - 3am
Facebook : CLOUD Lounge and Living Room
Twitter& Instagram : @Cloud_Jkt



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