Jakarta : Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails

Another coffee-spot around Dharmawangsa, shall we try ?

So the owner of Common Grounds and Wilshire just merge together to make this new spot called Chronicle. Not to be confused with the music studio's name :p , this new place offered something new, which is a combine of coffee and also, cocktails. 

That day I'm taking my friend who's I've met when I had a trip to Nottingham, UK. He was on short vacation, so since we both like coffee, I'm taking him here. I could say, I love their interior!  Well.. I love anything that comes with wood, so I just fell in love with this place.

I've heard from a friend that they just change their Speedster to Victoria Arduino Black Eagle. Fancy ! haha... But Yoshi ( the owner ) is 'The-Boss', and he's also the winner of Indonesia Barista Championship, so he pretty much can do what he wants :p ( joking Yoshi! ) Anyway, that time I've had Gibraltar - IDR 30.000,- and my friend had a Latte - IDR 32.000,-. The coffee presented nicely with a wooden tray, and our coffee was good with a nice body. And of course, they're using the coffee from Common Grounds.
Want this copper Hario !!

Besides Cocktails and Juices, they're also serving artisan tea from Jing Tea.  So that time we decided to try White Peony Tea - IDR 30.000,-. It was delightfully refreshing, rounded and full in flavour, and I found it's a bit fruity in taste. Nice one.

I've also heard about their amazing food they have here. One that capture our attention is the Lobster Roll - IDR 95.000,-. When I had my last trip to London, they were crazy about this lobster roll from a place called Burger and Lobster. So I guess, Chronicle wanna bring that trend to here too. Anyway, I love the buns on this dish. It was slightly crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. The strong margarine taste kind of remind me of a streetfood hotdogs when I oftenly have when I was a kid. The lobster was a bit overcooked because it's a bit chewy, and I think it would be more better if it's poached in butter. But I love the refreshin citrusy taste in it, and tomatoes and avocados in it makes it even better.

Chronicle Coffee and Cocktails
Jalan Wijaya 2 No. 73
Opening Hours: Daily 11AM – 10PM
Instagram: @chroniclejkt


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