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There's a new place in townnnn ! I bet you already heard the hype of Union Deli - Grand Indonesia don't you ?

Yes, Union Jakarta has open their new concept in the east mall of Grand Indonesia! Last week, I was invited to taste some of their signature and yes, I'm excited !

The concept of Union Deli is they serve variety of sandwiches and of course, their own baked goods. Union made their own artisan bread and cakes, and I bet you already familiar with their famous Red Velvet.

The space wasn't that big though, because they think the concept of quick and easy food didn't need that much seating area. But.... I guess the people of Jakarta didn't see it the same way :D

As I've told you before, when you go to Union Deli, YOU CAN'T MISS THEIR SANDWICHES. I know maybe you crazy about the sweets, or wanna have some regular menu that Union have, but seriously, let's forget that a bit, because Union Deli offer something new here. 

Ok the first and the most fave sandwiches that we've tried that day was Classic Pastrami Sandwich - IDR 125.000. Oh my I really love thissss! They made their own pastrami, brined for long-long hours, and the results, just perfect ! Not too salty, still juicy and had a nice textures. It's just goes really well with toasted whole wheat bread and wholegrain mustard. I always love a classic simple dish like this. That didn't need to try too much but as good as it is! Well done Union!

Another classic sandwiches that you can try is Philly Cheese Steak - IDR 125.000. I love their baguetteeeee! Sorry.. I have a lazy-jaw, so when I eat an artisan bread that usually too hard and chewy, I got that kind of 'headache'. I don't know if you get what I mean but, their baguette had that crispy crust but soft in the inside. Perfect! The beef inside was juicy and you definitely can taste the caramelized onions. It was good, but I think they need to put more cheeseeee in it !

Union Deli also had this fusion twist on the menu. One of it was Balinese Spicy Tuna - IDR 80.000. This one is a take on of a classic tuna croissant, but with a twist ! The tuna was mixed with 'sambal matah' so it's very fragant! You can taste the kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and of course, bird eye chili! Surprisingly it really goes well with the tuna!

And also you can opted for this Bulgogi Beef - IDR 125.000. This one is also good with the sweetness of bulgogi beef and gochujang mayo.

Soooo.... after we talk about the sandwiches, I bet you can't wait for their luscious desserts don't you! The one that have been the spotlight of course the....... Red Velvet Pie - IDR 50.000 ! Red Velvet, maybe some of you said 'it's overrated', but however, it's still everyones favorite isn't it ! What I love from this pie is textures combo of creamy soft cream cheese, with crumbly pie crust and chopped nuts on it! And oh, you also can taste the flavor of Rum in it. I don't know why they put Rum in Red Velvet, but I think it's a good twist.

And then, Eggnog Rum Raisin Pie - IDR 75.000. This one is their Christmas edition, but pssst.... It could be on the regular menu! The flavor of the Rum was really punching in this pie!

Mint Chocolate Pie  - IDR 75.000. Did you remember the 'after eight' chocolates? Eating this pie just definitely makes you eating that chocolate. The mint taste was good, but I would love it more if the chocolate more darker in taste.

Red Velvet Sundae - IDR 55.000. The ice cream was soft and packed with vanilla flavor ! The pie crumbles and nuts add the crunch to this sundaes.

Key Lime Pie - IDR 55.000. Maybe some of you who didn't like sour taste may dislike this one. But I love it! The fresh lemony taste was kicking your buds! This one was also served with sorbet and meringues on top.

So that's all! Hopefully you could get the ideas of what to eat in Union Deli :D Last words, thanks Aziz and Chef Adhika Maxi for having me !

Union Deli
Central Department Store, Ground Floor
East Mall, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
Phone : (+6221) 23580476

Facebook : Union Jakarta
Instagram : @unionjkt


  1. Cobain ah ... mudah2an enak dan ada diskon hahaha

  2. I'm an avid fan of Union's Red Velvet and this new concept is really exciting! Gonna try the red velvet pie the next time i'm home in Jakarta :D

    Pudding Monster

  3. Union desserts are always a big hit!
    Love their Red Velvet, and I can't wait to try the Red Velvet Pie when I'm back at Jakarta

    High Five!
    Born To Bite

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