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Merry Christmas e veryone ! Glad to spend another year with this blog and hopefully The Yummy Traveler will continue to explore other delicacies ( in the wholeeee world ) next year !
What's the best thing to do when it's Christmas- time? Besides exchange gifts, me and my friends also families always love to have 'feast' ! It's the perfect time to be merry and jolly right ? And diet wasn't in the Christmas vocabulary!

So when it's Christmas time, I always love the idea of cooking and having party in the house. I also love eating out, but it's just feels warm and comforting when I could cook for the people that I love and seeing they're smiling and happy when eating my food. It's just the best feeling in the world !

So when it's coming to 'feast'-time, besides the food, we also need some booze right ? Honestly, I'm actually  not a drinker. I'm a bit allergic ( yeah right ) to it, so when I had some alcohol, my heart beating fast and my face turns as red as the boiling crabs. So that's why, I always opted for an easier and lighter drinks when it comes to alcohol. I love Moscato or any Dessert Wines, or nowadays, you could get many flavored beer in the whole of Jakarta !

Thank God I just found this newest drink on town, Bintang Radler ! Bintang Beer is already been an 'Indonesian-proud' products. Not exaggerating ! But many of my overseas friends was crazy over this beer. Just simply go to Bali, and you'll found many t-shirts with Bintang Beer logo on it! :D Bintang beer is a type of
American Pale Lager, it was light in color and so foamy. Many would compared it to Heineken. 

Now the Bintang Beer was infused with Lemon and merge into a fresh combo, Bintang Radler ! At first sip, I just fell in love with it ! It's a very easy drinks, sweet and soooo refreshing ! For many of you who like the hops and malts kicks, lower your expectations because this one is not for you. But if you just wanna refresh the day, or it was too sunny outside, this drink is perfect for you!!

Love the lemony taste and I think this drinks is perfect to paired with any food ! For this Christmas time, I was making a homemade Semolina Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Bacon, Tomato, Basil Sauce. I found that the meaty and creamy flavor of the pasta was matching so well when pairing with Bintang Radler. It's just cleans your palate! So after you drink it, you're ready for another meal ! I really think this drink is also perfect when paired with greasy fried foods. Fish and Chips x Lemony Beer ? Sounds good right !

So what do you think ? Are there any other foods that you think will be perfect to enjoy with this Bintang Radler ? 
Or have you tried any of Bintang Radler ? What do you think of this drink ? Comment to me below ! 

Bintang Radler  
Website : www.bintangradler.co.id
Facebook : Bintang Radler
Twitter : @BintangRadler
Instagram : @BintangRadler


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