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Couple weeks ago, me and several food bloggers friends was invited by Hilton Bandung to enjoy some of their hospitality and delicacies. 

After 3 hours driving from Jakarta, we're just in time for lunch at this all-day dining restaurant in Hilton Bandung, Purnawarman ! The space was airy with high ceiling and warm decor. You can also enjoy a nice outdoor dining whenever it's sunny. 
It's been said that Purnawarman was the best buffet restaurant in Bandung? Well you can enjoy several selections from their buffet such as, Indonesian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western also some Pastries and Desserts! But for that time, we've been served with their signature a la carte dishes. Shall we start ?

We start with Chicken Dumpling Soup for appetizer. I could say it's really delish ! I love how flimsy the dumpling skin is, and the broth was very flavorful! It was dark in color and it's kind of reminded me of Bakkut Teh 's soup.

And for the main course we're having Pindang Iga Asam Pedas. This one was served with set of rice and emping. The Iga ( Short Ribs ) was really- really tender! The meat was packed with sweet and tangy flavor and of course, Indonesian spices. It was soooo yummy and I'm really love the seasoning.

And for the dessert, we're having Colenak. This classic Indonesian dessert was modernly presented. Colenak is actually a fermented cassava ( we called it 'Tape', it was sour and soft in textures. In here they served it with palm sugar and coconut, also coconut milk. I found this a little bit too sweet, but still loving the Tape

We also get a chance to enjoy their buffet, so here's some of them! Purnawarman had this Gado- Gado station, and they presented it just like in the streets! Very authentic! :p Gado -Gado is an Indonesian salad, but using a satay ( peanuts ) sauce as the dressing.

They also had noodle station, so you can choose the noodles, toppings and the soup! I love the thin nissin-style noodles ! 

And some scrambled egg for breakfast? It was cooked perfectly though.

And Waffles ?

And save room for dessert! They also make their own ice cream.The Rum Raisin was sooo good.

Fresh Juices?

Purnawarman Restaurant
Hilton Hotel Bandung
Jl. HOS Tjokroaminoto No. 41-43,  
Bandung, Indonesia
Phone : ( 022 ) 860668888
Facebook : Hilton Bandung
Twitter : @HiltonBandung



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