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As a sweet-tooth, I have always found joy whenever I'm visiting a dessert place. So when I heard Shirayuki just opened in PIK area, immediately I say yes to come !

Shirayuki feels a bit petite since they was very packed with customers. But it's cozy enough and decorate well.

Before I'm bursting you with mouthwatering desserts, let's start with their savory menu first! Yes they had savory menu as well, so if you're not a sweet-tooth, you can opted for these menu instead. Shirayuki served Kushikatsu - style dishes. Which is Japanese Kushiyaki but the meat or veggies are deep fried. You can order a Set ( from IDR 38.000 - 41.000,- ), or a la carte. That time I've tried their Spicy Lotus Root, which is realllyyyyy good! The crunchy lotus root was served with cabe ijo ( indonesian style green chilies ), which very interesting for me. The Tomato and Cheese one also really good. Oh they also served the Kushikatsu with dipping sauce which make it even better.

Next interesting menu is Cabe Ijo Bianco - IDR 41.000,-. Usually this kind of fusion menu didn't work because it ends up taste like 'mie goreng'. But not this one ! Their cabe ijo is really good! Love the spiciness !

Next is Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti - IDR 55.000,-. Not to be confused with carbonara, this spaghetti is really comes with a soup! I found it strange to be honest, but the flavor was good. Love how they put some veggies in it too. But it's still unusual to my tongue :p

Ok now shall we start the sweet-sweet stuff ? Shirayuki served MANY desserts. You might be confuse which one to order. But let's start with their signature first. Dreamy Pink - IDR 37.000,-. Yes this wowsome dessert was served with huge cotton candy that looks like a tree, also with warabi mochi and soft-serve ice cream. I love their warabi mochiiiiii ! So soft and flimsy ! Love love !

Next one is Premium Blueberry Yukidaruma - IDR 48.000,-. How cute the presentation was ! This one also served with candy mochi, fruits and 1/2 Ice Mochi. I'm loving the Ice Mochi ! The skin was so soft. But however, this one is very watery since it contains a lots of shaved ice. You better enjoy it quick!

Bailey's Kanten - IDR 36.000,-. Again, the presentation was interesting with the 'tools' to shaved the jelly. This one served with baileys and soft-serve ice cream . It was nice ! Well... since it's Baileys ! :p

Fried Crunchy Choco Ball Fusion set with Marshmallow - IDR 35.000,-. In Shirayuki you can opted for Matcha or Kashoku ( some Japanese beans ) or both ! This one served with choco ball which dense and packed with chocolate flavor. 

For Kakigori ( shaved ice) option, Irish Cafe with Vanilla Ice Cream - IDR 33.000,- and Manic Matcha with Matcha Ice Cream - IDR 40.000,-. This one served with Stuffed Mochi, Jelly, Mixed Nuts, Almond. The Stuffed Mochi was my favorite! The filling was crunchy so it's really enjoyable. Love the mixed nuts as well! The Irish Cafe one was my favorite.

For some pretty parfait, Yoghurt Parfait - IDR 38.000,- and Matcha Parfait - IDR 38.000,-. The yoghurt parfait was served with Yoghurt Ice Cream, Fruit Sorbet, Fruit Jelly, Coconut Jelly and Muesli and Cornflakes. It was really refreshing! If you like some fruity dessert, go for this one ! And the matcha parfait was served with Jelly, Mochi, Ogura and Cornflakes.

For some Parfait with Soft Ice Cream, you can opted for this Shiratama Matcha Parfait - IDR 35.000,-. The difference is they served this one with crispy crepes, and of course the soft serve ice cream.

For drinks you can try this Kashoku Ice Latte - IDR 30.000,- It was served with milky ice, and the drinks taste very nutty !

Once again, congrats Shirayuki for the opening, and thanks Marina for having me !

Rukan Emerald ( near Market City ) , Jl Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk, 
PIK , North Jakarta
Phone ( 021 ) 2970 4981


  1. mmm..oke... Aku sprtinya lgs tergoda terutama pgn nyicipin Kashoku ice latte nya ;) Rada susah tp bujukin suami kesini krn jaraknya itu :D..seperinya dia hrs dipaksa ;p..suka baca blogmu mba ;)

  2. You photos are amazing! you have a great eye to capture amazing picture.

    i like Yoghurt Parfait . . its so YUMMY . . .
    *Love* your post and review

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