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Japanese food is always my personal favorite. I could eat it everyday and never get bored. 

Last weekend I had lunch at this Japanese restaurant in Hotel Borobudur. The first time I walked in, I just fall in love with the ambience. It's so calming and inviting. 

Miyama had this little Japanese garden, so when you sit next to the garden, it really feels like you was dining in Japan ! Miyama also had huge Teppanyaki table, so if you opted for Teppanyaki you definitely can booked a seats here. I also like their VIP rooms, because it's just decorate well with Tatami floor. Authentic Japanese!
Kushiyaki !

As appetizer, they give some complimentary dishes. That time was salad and fish served with sour dressing ( maybe it was Yuzu ) and it was tasted really good.

What's Japanese food without sushi right? That time I've tasted some Rainbow Maki - IDR 98.000,-. It was salmon, tuna, avocado that combine with light mayo. It was nice and fresh! Oh.. I also love the homemade shoyu that they made here. Not too salty, so it's not overpowering your sushi.

In this month of November, they had Wafu Omureto promotion. So that time we opted for Demiguras Hamburg Omurice - IDR 218.000,-. This is a kind of food that you can found in the streets allover Japan. The beef patty was nice and juicy, and the omurice was savory and packed with chicken! The demiglaze sauce also tasted savory and not too salty.  The portion is huge though, I recommend you to share this dish.

When you come to Miyama, you have to try their chef recommendation which is Yanagawa Lobster - IDR 189.000,-. This classic dishes from Yanagawa is actually a humble dish that people in Japan love to make at home. A simple stew of protein with vegetables, egg and light sweet soy soup. This time they make it a bit fancy with lobster and burdock root. I love this dish! It was warm and comforting. The lobster tasted fresh and sweet and the burdock root was bit crunchy . This dish also comes with a set of rice and miso soup.

Another favorite from Miyama is this Kamahamachi ( Shio or Teriyaki ) - IDR 298.000,-. Seriously you won't miss this. Kama Hamachi is actually a Yellowtail collar and in here the product was imported directly from Japan. The meat was sweet and tender and it was cooked perfectly with teriyaki sauce. Yum!

To close the lunch, Matcha Aisukurimu - IDR 38.000,-. The ice cream was smooth and indulging. And it was perfect to enjoy with red beans.

Overall, I really had a nice time in Miyama. Now I could say Miyama is really the authentic Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Love how they put detail in every dish ( even garnishes ! ) and also love the ambience and friendly service. Last words, thanks mba Indira and Hotel Borobudur for inviting:)

Miyama Japanese Restaurant
Borobudur Hotel, 3rd Floor,
 Jl. Lapangan Banteng Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia  
Opens daily Lunch: 11.30-15.00 hours/ Dinner: 18.30-23.00 hours  
Phone : +621 3805555  
Facebook : Hotel Borobudur Jakarta  
Twitter : @htlborobudurjkt 


  1. The meat was sweet and tender and it was cooked perfectly with teriyaki sauce. Yum!
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