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Two weeks ago, me and my several food bloggers friends been invited to Marutama to taste some of their new menu.

Marutama served chicken broth ramen, which is called Toripaitan, a milky white broth that using the chicken bones. Marutama already had 5 branches in Indonesia besides in Japan, and they also had branches in other countries. 

That time we tried their new menu, Saraudon with Pork - IDR 72.000,-. You also can opted for chicken if you want. This menu kind of remind me of Chinese Ifumie , because the ramen was fried until it's crispy, and it was served with thick Japanese curry. I love the flavor of the curry, it was flavorsome and had a hint of spiciness in it. The crispy ramen adds the crunchy texture to this dish.

The next one is Original Shirunashi Ramen - IDR 62.000,-. This is a type of dry ramen that was served with char siew. Love the soft and thin noodles that they have here, and the charsiew topping was quite nice with garlic and ginger taste in it. 

Also, cannot miss their signature Tamago Ramen - IDR 71.000,-. This ramen is close to perfection!! The chasiu was juicy, the soup was flavorful and they also served it with green aosa seaweed and their signature egg ! Omg.... their egg was sooooooo scrumptious! It was so soft and had that runny yolk in the middle. I could eat it everyday! Well.. No wonder this ramen was the award winning one!

If you want a spicy option, go for this one. Minced Meat Ramen - IDR 71.000,-.

For dessert you can opted for this Sumo Sundae - IDR 28.000,-. This one is ice cream served with fruits, red bean paste and cornflakes.

And also Mochi Ice Cream - IDR 28.000. This one is a must-try! The mochi skin was soft and a bit chewy and the ice cream was indulging. Yum!

Marutama Ra-men
Plaza Indonesia
3rd Floor #24A, 24B, 26, 26A, 28
Ph: 021–2992 4150 Fax: 021–2992 4151

Marutama Ra-men
Sentral Senayan 1 Building
Basement floor #10 BC
Ph: 021-572 4050 Fax: 021-572 4050

Marutama Ra-men
Puri Indah Mall
Jl. Puri Agung Puri Indah
Puri Indah Mall SF- 240 Lt. 2
Kembangan, Jkt Barat
Ph: 021 - 5823193 Fax: 021 – 5823195

Marutama Ra-men
Living World Alam Sutera
Ground Floor Unit 32
Ph: 021 - 29239450 Fax: 021 - 29239450 

Facebook : Marutama Ra-men
Twitter : @MarutamaRamen


  1. Aku kok kurang klik ama tempat ini :-(

  2. @cumilebay haha kurang klik kenapa ? aku sih cocok tamago ramennya :D



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