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As Indonesian, I always love street food ! We have soooo many street food around and despite the level of hygiene are doubtful, we still enjoying the food on the streets.

Before having my trip to UK, I've googled a bit of London's food, of course. And from Time Out , I've found this interesting street food movement called Kerb Food. Kerb manage the space for the food traders, and making a pop-up street food events in a various place and time. Now they had Gherkin, Kings Cross, Spitalfields and UCLU for the location. The traders was changing everyday, so you have to check out the website or their social media for the traders that they have today.

That time was Saturday, I met this foodie friend who lives in London, John Li ( I'm forgot, we should take a pictures! :p ), and we're visiting the Kerb at Granary Square, King's Cross Station. The space was huge and it's packed with people! In here, you can enjoy al fresco dining with many interesting food stalls around. Now you can see, the wave of street food and food trucks are all over London ! :D 

The most interesting thing about street food market is you can taste their creativity and passion. You may found some crazy combos of flavor around or maybe some cuisine from overseas countries you didn't know about. It's always fun, it's always inspiring. It's not only about fulfilling your tummy, but it's a whole experience that you didn't get when you dining at a restaurant.

So after scanning the food stalls, I opted The Crabbie Shack. That time I'm having their Soft Shell Crab Burger - £6.50. The burger was served with Fennel, Almond, Avocado and Harissa. I'm enjoying the buns that was soft, and the soft shell crab also perfectly cook with crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside. I also love the textures of the almonds inside and the crunchy fennels. What is lacking is that heat of the Harissa. 

A friend of mine, opted some Slow Smoked Beef Brisket from Miss P's Barbecue. It was good, he said.

Then, can't resist the sweet things from You Doughnut. The dough was freshly made and it was on bite-sized! And you can choose for your own sauce and toppings! I opted for 2 Bites - £2 with Cinnamon Sugar, Salted Caramel Sauce and Pecans. The doughnuts was soft and fluffy ! Nice one.
So cute !

For closing, I've been eye-ing on Noble Espresso from the Kerb's website. It's been said 'Aeropress Champ Grinding Up A Storm'. Ok, I need some aeropressed coffee from the UK's Aeropress Champ who is Shaun Young. :p But too bad, they could not heat the water properly on the stalls, so they couldn't served any manual brew coffee. So yeah I opted for an Espresso - £2. I forgot what beans they used, but it was a bit floral and fruity in taste. I also had small talks with Louis Gill, the co-owner, nice meeting you ! and if you happen to visit Indonesia, let me know ! :)

I really had a great experience in Kerb Food market. I think this market was organized well and had a nice concept. Definitely a must visit when you in London!!!

Granary Square,
King's Cross, N1C 4AA, London
Facebook : KERB
Twitter : @KERB_
Instagram : @KERBFOOD


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