Bandung : Gan Bei

Back to my short trip to Bandung, I've heard about this restaurant for quite some time before and I'm curious to try. Gan Bei serve Asian dishes, so it's a good choice between the many western restaurant that keeps coming in Bandung. 

Gan Bei was quite spacious. I love their quirky decor and mural. I also love their semi-indoor areas. It's calm and relaxing!

For starter we opted for Thai Beef Salad - IDR 40.000,-. The portion was quite generous and the flavor was nice. Love it!

Crispy Stripped Chicken with Garam Masala - IDR 42.500,-. This one also enjoyable too. Love the chili bits on it.

Crispy Pork Belly with Nam Pla Prik - IDR 80.000,-. The crust was crispy enough, and the meat was tender. It's actually really good too!

Pong Curry Fried Rice - IDR 37.500,-. It was savory enough, but I think the curry flavor needs to be more kickin'.

For dessert, we get a complimentary Thai Cassava. 

And drinks.
Chocolate Hazelnut - IDR 28.000,-

Calamansi with Sour Plum - IDR 30.000

Gan Bei
Jl. Hegarmanah 12, Bandung
Phone : (022) 2041133
Facebook : Gan Bei
Twitter : @GanbeiKitchen


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