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After finally I got my own time to explores London by myself, specialty coffee is on the top of my list. I know, I know... Maybe some of you already notice that this blog doing more and more coffee reviews. I just love coffee and this world of specialty coffees are get me hooked !

Sorry this is taken by my phone. But I need to show you this Reg Barber's Tamper door knob!

Ok, so of course, when I travel, I always ask my friends or through my Instagram about the local guides. And when I ask about which specialty coffee that are the best in London ? Prufrock is their answer. So yes, I take my 'oyster card' with me, and head off to Holborn. 

Prufrock is located in Leather Lane, which a street block with many street food during the day. I was tempted to try one, but I guess I prefer to have my brunch at the coffee shop. So here I am! 

Prufrock was spacious, but this coffee shop is pretty busy ! The bar quite huge, and the rest of the interior was pretty casual and inviting. I've heard that Prufrock was owned by WBC champion, and you can expect a well trained baristas here. Oh.. they also had Barista's classes too. 

Reuse revolution!

Prufrock using beans from Square Mile Coffee Roasters, which you know, it's a well known roaster here in London and you can find it everywhere. And oh, it's owned by WBC champion as well. That day I'm trying the Espresso from Red Brick - £2.20. It was a seasonal blend of 60% Colombia La Serrania and 40 % Brazil Santa Ana. Well too bad my espresso didn't comes out perfectly. Since you can see from the photo and you can look closely at the crema. There's unpleasant taste on my mouth but I still can taste the fruitiness. When I talk to the barista, they said maybe because they was pretty busy before, the machine doesn't work properly. Oh well.

Next coffee I opted for 4oz using Sweetshop Blend - £2.60. This blend is still from Square Mile and it was a blend of 60% Ayichesh 40% Reko. I kinda love this one. More balance, sweet and slight fruity. 

For something to fill up my tummy, I opted for Leek and Cheese Tart with Seasonal Salad -
£6.50. It was pretty enjoyable, and you can taste the strong salty flavor of the cheese.

Prufrock Coffee
23-25 Leather Lane, EC1, 
London, United Kingdom
Phone : +44 20 7242 0467
Facebook : Prufrock Coffee
Twitter : @PrufrockCoffee


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