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It's been a long time since I write about Gahyo restaurant long time ago ( you can read the post here ) This time I've been invited to have lunch with the owner, Mrs Julee Jeong and their staff, Joshua.
As you know, this Korean restaurant already been established since 2005, and had 2 branches which is in SCBD and Kelapa Gading. This time I'm trying the one on Kelapa Gading, which located at Mahakam Square ( previously Sports Mall )

Gahyo Kelapa Gading is spacious enough for families and big parties. What makes a difference with the SCBD one is the menu here contains pork, and they don't use the built-in grill table, but using a traditional 'pot' made from clay that they brought from Korea. Feels authentic isn't it !

Before we start, let's have some banchan!

And yes, my most fave menu at Gahyo, Wagyu Yukhoe - IDR 178.000,-. I've been trying yukhoe in the whole Jakarta, but I think Gahyo one is still the best. Love the freshness of the meat, and when it's just melts in your mouth, you know it's a good grade of Wagyu.

 We also enjoyed Korean classic dishes such as, Japchae - IDR 95.000,-. Sweet and savory!

Haemul Pajeon  - IDR 95.000,-. What I love about their pajeon is they have a right amount of the ingredients. So the batter wasn't too thick.

Dolsot Bibimbap - IDR 75.000,-. It was spicy enough, and I love the crispy rice on the bottom of the bowl!

Sundubu Chigae - IDR 75.000,-. Flavorsome soup with a hint of spiciness ! 

Samgyetang  - IDR 115.000,-. Mrs Julee told me that Korean usually had this on summer. I can tell since the soup was very light and refreshing, but it's packed with vitamins from the ginseng. The chicken meat was also juicy and flavorful. 

What's Korean food without the barbeque isn't it! So as I mention before, in Gahyo Kelapa Gading they serve pork meats. What I notice when having barbeque in Gahyo is they have skillful waiter/waitress. I love how they cook the meat perfectly, and cut the parts that burns and black before they serving it for us. Detail !

First we tried Hang Jeong Sal ( Pork Jowl ) - IDR 99.000,-. This was using the sweet marinade, and yes... it was good! Sweet and succulent!
This is a 1/2 portion!

Next is Sam Geob Sal ( Pork Belly ) - IDR 99.000,-. This is a must for me when having Korean BBQ! And oh this one they using the spicy marinate. It was really delish and definitely my favorite!
This is a 1/2 portion!

And last one was Bul Galbi ( Beef Short Ribs ) - IDR 243.000,-. This one also great and perfect to paired with kimchi!
This is a 1/2 portion!

For dessert, some of their mango and coconut pudding!

Overall I'm still satisfy with the dishes here. Mrs Julee also tell me how detail are they with the ingredients. Two times a day they do the quality control and the staff have to test the food to keep their quality. It's a lot of work, but that's what you do to make a top notch restaurant. Thanks once again Mrs Julee and Joshua for inviting me, and wish you a lot of success!

Gahyo Restaurant - Kelapa Gading
Mahaka Square ( Sports Mall ),

Kelapa Gading Blok A 26 - 27, North Jakarta
Phone  : (021) - 4587 6626
Gahyo Restaurant - SCBD
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53 Lot 6,
Phone : (021 ) 5289 7044
Opening hours:
Mon - Sun, 11.00 am - 11.00 pm



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