Jakarta : Cacaote 1st Anniversary Dinner

Couple weeks ago, me and several food bloggers was invited by Cacaote for their 1st Anniversary dinner ! Cacaote already well known with it's cutesy french decor and patisserie. Now, they come up with a new menu that will blown you!

We starting with some canapes. The prawn avocado one was really good!

The freshly made bread also really good! I love the crispy crust, and they had some bread with chipotle, so you will expect a hint of spiciness in it. Interesting!

For appetizer I opted for Seared Scallop - IDR 235.000,-. Unfortunately the scallop was a bit overcooked, so it was slightly chewy. But I love the refreshing lemon butter sauce.

For the mains I opted for Barramundi - IDR 145.000,-. This dish was quite interesting, since they use potato for replacing the barramundi's skin. It was pretty enjoyable indeed! The fish was fresh and perfectly cooked, the potato gives a nice crunch texture to it. Underneath the fish was veggies.

From the pasta dish I opted for Crayfish Ravioli - IDR 150.000,-. I love the flimsy ravioli, and the crayfish stuffing was sweet and savory. But I personally think the sauce needs more seasoning, and the veggies like eggplants and corn didn't quite complimenting the dish.

Another mains is Black Angus Tenderloin - IDR 350.000,-. The meat was perfectly cooked! It was juicy, and I love the creamed spinach.

Cacaote also served some dishes for us to share. First one is Wagyu Short Ribs Bone In - IDR 525.000,-. Omg.... this was soooo yummy ! The meat was succulent and tender. The layer of fats in the meat just melts in your mouth. Foodgasm !

Prime Veal - IDR 375.000,-. This one also really good and perfectly cooked. The meat was juicy and the sauce was savory.

Cajun Whole Chicken - IDR 250.000,-. The meat was flavorful and I love how they use the purpled coleslaw to balance the meat.

Middle Eastern Mixed Grill - IDR 425.000,-. Just like a middle-eastern feast, in this platter you can tasted some of their homemade lamb sausage, kebab, lamb chop and so on. It was served with pita bread too.

Smoked Duck Pizza - IDR 110.000,-. Love the crispy thin crust pizza!

After a very fulfilling dishes, always save room for dessert. And yes, all of them was great, so you better order some dessert when you go to Cacaote!

First one is Sphere - IDR 90.000,-. This one is quite interesting, because you have to crack the chocolate ball shaped to enjoy it. After cracking you'll see a love-shape chocolate that makes you go ..... "Awwww!!". Underneath is the peanut butter cookies and chocolate mousse. It was really good! Never goes wrong with peanut butter and chocolate isn't it ?

Textures of Chocolate - IDR 90.000,-. Chocolate lover ? Definitely have to try this one ! Chocolates in any forms in one plate! They also used chili chocolate for the chocolate sauce, so it's nice to get that 'heat' to balance the whole dish. 

Mango, Banana, Caramel - IDR 85.000,-. This one was my personal favorite because I love the textures-play in this and flavors was really harmonious ! The tangy mango was balance with the sweetness of banana, the crunchy caramel tuille was balance with the smooth milk chocolate sorbet. Yum!

The last one is Berry Mille- Feuille - IDR 85.000,-. I love the tangy flavor of the berries but unfortunately the puff pastry layer wasn't that crispy.

Overall I really enjoy all the menu that Cacaote serves here. Even though they're still a 'baby' on their first year, I believe Cacaote will continue to success. Thanks for the invitation Darryl and Cacaote! Happy 1st Anniversary once again! 

Cheers !

Jl. Senopati no. 80 , Senopati - South Jakarta.
Phone :  ( 021 ) 2900 7997
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