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Chef Akira Back who's already renown for his notable reputation in the culinary world, has open his 4th restaurant here in this beautiful city of Jakarta !
Such a privilege for us isn't it ? Chef Akira thinks that Jakarta is ready for an introduction to a modern and innovative Japanese cuisine, so that's why he pick this city over other cities in Southeast Asia ! ( lucky us !)

It's interesting to hear how Chef Akira turn his profession from athlete into chef. He started from zero until being an Executive Chef at the famous Nobu Matshuhisa's restaurant. Now, he's owning several succesful restaurant such as Yellowtail and Kumi in Las Vegas, Akira Back in India, and more upcoming places throughout Asia. In Jakarta, Chef Andri Dionysius will lead the Akira Back's kitchen. Chef Andri has been working with Akira Back in the states before, and since he was born here, he was chosen to lead here. 

Speaking of the interior, Chef Akira also gives a nice touch to this restaurant. There's a big wooden 'roots' in the room that really catch our attention, and also some beautiful painting from his mother that was actually a renown artist.

So actually I've been to Akira Back for the Grand Opening, and now I'm back again for the food tasting. So this posting will combine the two of my experiences. Shall we start with the food?

For the appetizer, I'm having Hirame Carpaccio - IDR 170.000,-. In this dish Chef Andri gives an Indonesian touch by putting the Crispy Shallots ( 'Bawang Goreng' ) on top. The Hirame ( type of Flounder ) was very easy and light in the mouth, and the savory-tangy 'Nanbazu' sauce really complimenting the fish. The sliced Jalapeno also gives a hint of spicy in it. However, the crispy shallots was a bit too strong in flavor, I recommend you to just take a tiny bits of it so you can enjoy the sashimi more.

Some of the signature dishes from Chef Akira also serves here. One of them is Tuna Pizza - IDR 195.000,-. Ok, I should give you a warning, because it's really addictive ! The Tuna Pizza was served beautifully with thin crispy crust ( not like the usual pizza ), sliced tuna with the ponzu mayo sauce, and aromatic truffle oil. They said they want to make people who didn't eat raw food, would starting to eat one after having this pizza. And I guess they were right. 

Another signature dishes from Chef Akira is this AB Tacos - IDR 155.000,-. Chef Akira was actually Korean, but since he was trained in Japanese cuisine, so he's combine this two type of cuisine in his cooking. This crispy-shell tacos was served with minced wagyu kalbi and spicy tomato ponzu. This was alsoooo good ! Sweet, tangy flavor bursting in your mouth! 

Some interesting sushi rolls that you can found here, Pop Rockin' - IDR 165.000,-. This rolls are filled with spicy crab, asparagus, and...... lemon pop rocks candy ! You'll find it funny when it's popping in your mouth! And yes... this rolls taste a bit sweet.

Another rolls that we're trying that day was Crispy Kalbi Roll - IDR 195.000,-. The crispy kalbi gives a nice texture and coleslaw on top gives a nice refreshing flavor. Oh, I have to tell you that the chef recommend us to not dipping the rolls into shoyu, because it's already have enough flavor just at it is.

Also one of Chef Akira's signature are this, 48hrs Wagyu Short Ribs - IDR 450.000,-. And I tell you, this one are also my favorite !! The cube- shaped wagyu short ribs was juicy and melts in your mouth ! It's also have a slight crisp on the outside, so it makes it more enjoyable. The sauce was also light and sweet, not too overpowering so the meat could 'shine'. 

This one I had from the grand opening, Jidori Chicken - IDR 210.000,-. The chicken was cooked perfectly! Slightly pink on the inside, nice pan-seared crust on the outside. I also love the truffled potato puree and the light teriyaki sauce. Perfect!

After fulfilling dishes, Chef Andri still spoiling us with some of their dessert. First is Valrhona Manjari Lava Cake - IDR 85.000,-. Omg, this will be satisying for chocolate lovers. The cake was molten perfectly and I love the slight fruity chocolate of Valrhona Manjari. Yum!

Next is AB Chocolate Bar - IDR 75.000,-. This one was my favorite too! The chocolate bar was soooo fudgy with peanut butter and Valrhona Gianduja inside. And the espresso anglaise was goes perfectly well with it. Chef Andri said he was taking this combining idea from Frappuccino drinks. Nice one right? 

Last one is Yuzu Tart - IDR 65.000,-. Ok if you really love Yuzu, you'll definitely love this! The tanginess could make your eyes pop! haha... But I think it's a one light and refreshing dessert!

For the drinks, you can try their new cocktail that available for this month of September, Keiwa. The cocktail was beautifully presented! They served it with Soursop Sorbet, but the interesting thing is, the sorbet didn't have an icy textures like usual sorbet. But it tasted really light and refreshing though. They said that it's intended for a 'dessert-drinks' since it's really refreshing.

Another cocktail that you can try is Lychee Lush Lemongrass - IDR 95.000,-. This one is also a light and refreshing cocktail. You really can taste the lemongrass though.

Chef Akira also have his own Sake! 

Soursop and Orange Juice
Signature Ice Tea with Lychee

Overall, I really love all the food and drinks here. They give a really good quality and new interesting flavors. I believe Akira Back would be the next must-go-place here in Jakarta. If you haven't, I recommend you to try ! 
Last words, thanks Ibu Susan for spoiling my tummy well :D and also Mba Yana for inviting. Cheers!

Akira Back Jakarta
MD Place Building, 12th Floor
Jalan Setiabudi Selatan No 7, Jakarta
Phone : (021) 29040 777
Facebook : Akira Back Jakarta
Twitter : @AkiraBackJKT
Instagram  : @AkiraBackJakarta



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