Nottingham : White Rabbit Teahouse

Long long time before I finally got a chance to visit Nottingham, I've known this place from a dear friend of mine. He always sending me pictures every time he visit this teahouse, and I fall in love immediately, only by seeing his pictures! How'd you not fall in love? This place is sooooo dreamy ( and dainty! ). 

I want all !

Located in small alley, White Rabbit definitely like a rabbit hole in the city. They had another one in Bridlesmith Walk, but my friend said the first one,which is in Hounds Gate are better. So here I am! Ready for some tea time, British style! ;D

The cake that we tried that day was Lemon Poppyseed Cake - £3.20. I always like this kind of cake, it's crumbly in texture and the taste of lemon makes it light and refreshing.

 And also Apple Cake - £3.20. This one was quite moist, as you can see, the batter was quite heavy ( like brownies ) compared to the lemon one. However, the taste was still good. 

And for the tea, I opted some Lapsang Souchong - £1.80, because I love the smokey flavor of this tea, and it's good to balanced the sweetness of the cake. 

Finally, another bucket list of mine has been checked. I always love a small place like this, and I always dream of having one ( someday! ). And yes, Hopefully I could pay a visit again to this place! And oh, thanks my lovely Andy for your kind treats ! ;) You're the best tour guide ever! ;D

White Rabbit Teahouse
12 Hounds Gate, NG1 7AB,
Nottingham, UK
Opening Hours : Monday -Saturday : 10am - 5pm
Facebook : White Rabbit Teahouse
Twitter : @wrteahouse


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