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Such ashamed for me I haven't been trying this place, even though they're already been around since 2013! Well, I'm actually not a 'sandwich-person', but it's nice to have a good 'subs' sometime. Since the famous chain Subw*y been closed in Jakarta, I still looking or wanting some subs when I'm visiting Singapore or Malaysia. Well, lucky us! The subs are back in Jakarta now !

When I look at the menu, I'm quite surprised that they had a nice or 'crazy' subs on the menu. (Talking bout  the French Fries Subs or Tempeh Salad ! ) In Yo' Panino, you're also allowed to customized your subs. Throw your favorite items and have a happy belly later !

For the food tasting, we've been served with their various side-dishes. There's Truffle Parmesan Fries, Buffalo Wings, Cheese Nachos and Chick Pops. It was all good! And good for sharing before you had your subs. 

They also served Cold Pressed Juices here ! Cold Pressed juices are using a special juicer that will keeps the vitamins because there's no direct heat. So we've tried some of their yummy juices which is, Beet it Imunity Builder ( Beetroot, Carrot,Apple, Strawberry, Mango ), Vitamin C Detox ( Carrot, Apple, Orange, Ginger ) also their newest addition, Pineapple Express ( Pineapple, Mint ). I really love the beet one, because the flavor was balance, and the 'earthy' flavor of the beet wasn't too strong.

For the appetizer we tried their famous Java Tempe Salad. This salad consist of Crispy Tempe, Java Slaw and Romain Lettuce. I love their Java Slaw! It's light, flavorful and just a hint of spicy. The taste will remind you of 'bumbu sate' but in lighter version.

And the food that we tried that day is Beef Rendang Rice Wrap. You could say that this is an Indonesian Burrito! The taste was actually good. You really can taste the 'rendang' and it's good if you look for heavier meal. 

Next is, Meat The Butcher. This subs consist of Salami, Smoked Ham and Crispy Turkey Bacon. The savory meats was balanced with the sourness of gherkins and mustard. Yum!

Their classic favorite, Philly Cheese Steaks. I love their bread, because it's fresh ! Especially this farmhouse white, it's so soft but still bit crusty on the outside. If you love cheese, you will love this subs !

The next one is my most favorite ! Crispy Dory ! I love how crispy the dory is, and it's perfectly cooked! It's actually reminded me of F*llet-of-F*sh from that fast food chains, that I'm already missed ! So yay! I know where to go when I had that cravings !

Overall, I'm really impress with their passion and quality in Yo' Panino. Thanks Mr. Jitin and Diana for inviting, I'll definitely be back !

Yo' Panino 
Plaza Indonesia, 4th Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 29924020 
Facebook : Yo' Panino
Twitter : @Yopanino


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