Food Tasting : Breakfasting / Ifthar Buffet at Bengawan

The month of Ramadhan has coming again. What I like about this month is the moment when we gather and have breakfasting or Indonesian called it 'Buk-Ber' together. In this month, Bengawan at Keraton The Plaza Jakarta offer you a good deal of IDR 350.000++/person, and it's already including hot beverages and tajil. 

Bengawan is already well known with it's authentic Mexican food. With Mexican Native, Chef Lamberto Valdez Lara, you can taste their homemade tortillas and other delish Mexican dishes. Because most of the chefs in Bengawan had been working in Dubai before, that's why they're also bringing Middle East feast during the Ramadhan buffet. 

From the appetizer, you can enjoy classic Middle Eastern dishes such as Baba Ghanoush, Tabouleh, Hummus, Pita Bread and also they're salad like Chickpeas Salad, Fattoush or Couscous Salad. What I really like from Middle Eastern dishes are it's really healthy. They're using olives, nuts, fruits in many of their dishes. And yes, I really like what they served in Bengawan. All fresh and tasted authentic !

And yes, you can't missed their Shawarma, which is skewered chicken/beef/lamb that also similar like the churrasco. That's why in Bengawan, they served the shawarma with Mexican twist, which is it's wrapped in Spinach Tortilla. It's tasted quite nice actually. I also tried their Cheese Sambousak and Kofta. The cheese sambousak was quite fluffy but too bad the Kofta was bit dry.

You also can't miss this classic Lentil Soup. It was quite savory yet light. Heartwarming!

Since Bengawan was best in Mexican food, of course I have to try their Mexican food. I opted some Quesadillas and since Chef Lamberto mentioned about the hottest chili from Mexico which is Habanero, I'm quite interested to try it! So I ask to put just a bits of Habanero in my quesadilla. The tortilla was in pink color! So cute right! It turns out that they made their own Chipotle Tortilla. I love my quesadilla, but the habanero just give a hint of spicy and I'm totally can handle it. Next time I will order to put MORE ! ( lols... Bring it on! )

You also can enjoy some of their sushi and sashimi, bread and cheeses, and their variety of Indonesian food. So .... let's move to dessert shall we? In the dessert station, you'll find some Middle Eastern desserts such as Um Ali, Baklava, Malabi, Kurma. I tried their Um Ali, and it was reallyyyyyy good! One of the best Um Ali I've had so far. It's not like the usual Um Ali though, since I think they use a whole wheat bread, so it's really tasted like eating an oatmeal. Their Malabi was also milky and creamy. Yum! And yes, don't missed their Baklava. Even though it's not layered in fillo pastry, but you really can taste the pistachios in it. Nice.

Their Signature Ice Teas !

Bengawan Signature Restaurant
Keraton at The Plaza
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav 15, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone      : ( 021 ) 50680000
Facebook : Keraton at The Plaza
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