Food Tasting : Weekend Brunch at Enmaru - Altitude The Plaza

Do you know that you can have All You Can Eat brunch every weekend at Altitude ? Yes you can ! Every Saturday and Sunday with a price of IDR 350.000++/ person and IDR 100.000++ for children 4-10years old, you can enjoy delish selection of dishes that they offer. Please takes notes that this only available for Brunch ( 11am until 3pm).

That time I was invited to the one of the restaurant at Altitude, Enmaru. With a view of Jakarta from 46th floor and lovely fusion Japanese food, you could tell that it was a great dining experience! 

Jakarta's view!

For Appetizer we tried Maguro Cream Cheese Wasabi Ae. I really love this ! The tuna mixed with cream cheese, yum! Wasabi also added to gives extra 'punch'.

Something you cannot miss! Foie Gras Chawanmushi! The foie gras added more depth flavor to the chawanmushi. Soft, creamy but still light ! One is not enough I tell ya'!

Tataki Salad. This is Seared Wagyu Tenderloin that just melted in your mouth! The Japanese citrus sauce makes it balanced.

Zensai 5 kind of Moriawase. This is a chef's selections of appetizer. It was served in a box, and my personal favorite is the squid ink noodle!

Sashimi and Sushi 
What's Japanese food without Sashimi right?! So definitely could not miss Salmon and Tuna Sashimi. It was served in good quality and fresh! The second time we ordered, the chef gaves us this cutesy presentation! He served the sashimi in a box with fishes ! So cuteeee!

The Executive Chef of Enmaru, Takashi Tomie

kawaiiiii !

I also tasted some Unagi Nigiri Sushi and it was good. 

We also ordered Ikasumi Roll. This roll using squid ink on its rice, so be prepared to have black teeth when eating this ! :p But it was good though, not fishy even using the squid ink.

Charcoal Grill
A MUST  item that you should order, Buta Bara Pineapple! This pork belly was tasted very juicy and flavorsome! Yum! And I also like how they served it with small charcoal grill, so you can keep your kushiyaki hot!

Tori Momo Negi.  This chicken skewers with chopped leek was also good!

Soup is one kind of dish that I always like, so I tried some Kinoko Soup. This dish was very simple with some shimeji, but I think its need more seasoning on the soup. Using dashi would be better IMO.

Rice and Noodle
Salad Ramen. Omg, I love this ! The ramen was dressed in spicy mayo and vegetables and egg yolk ( oh yes! ) was also added to this dish. The noodle was springy and the flavor was perfect! Just too bad I'm already full that time :p

From the mains we tried, Salmon Teriyaki. The salmon was perfectly cooked, and the teriyaki sauce also sweet and yummy.

Beef Teriyaki. They use wagyu beef for this dish, and it was tender and juicy. Yum!

Oyako Toji 
If you love OyakoDon, you definitely love this. A savory combo of chicken and egg!

Buta Kakuni Potato An. This is Braised Pork Belly with Mashed Potato on top. I personally love the pork belly because it's very tender and juicy! Noms!

Always save room for dessert! So the first one to try is Houjicha Brulee. I kind of like the flavor because it's not too sweet but creamy enough. But I think the Houjicha should taste more stronger.

Baked Yuzu Cheesecake. It's not like usual cheesecake that usually creamy. I think if it's more fluffy in texture, would be better.

Zenzai with Matcha Ice Cream. I always love Japanese dessertttt! And this one is the one that I also love! The red bean with mochi mixed with ice cream............... heaven in your mouth!

Their Kuro Goma (Black Sesame) Ice Cream was also oishii !

Overall I think it's really worth it to have AYCE brunch here. With their consistency and quality in food they served and lovely atmosphere, you will definitely  have a good time! Last words, thanks Sonya and Altitude for having me ! :)

Enmaru Restaurant
Altitude, The Plaza 46th Floor,
Jl. M. H. Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 2992 2448
Twitter  : @Altitude_ID
Facebook : Altitude The Plaza


  1. Such a gorgeous place it is! I have fallen in love with the location and must say that the food tasting event would have been amazing for everyone. I will be hosting my father’s 50th birthday at the rooftop event space Atlanta. He likes food and wine tasting events a lot so I would be using this theme for the memorable celebrations.

  2. Omg I've always enjoyed eating tasty sushi to the point that I wanted to eat it every day. I thought if Id learned how to make it myself I could have it anytime I'm please, but I was intimidated by the thought of how difficult and long the process might be to make sushi until I saw your videos. I'm ready to try this, you're awesome Chef!



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