Food Tasting : Sana Sini Restaurant

Last week, I was invited by the newly revamped Pullman Hotel - Thamrin, to try their restaurant, Sana Sini. I know the name was very catchy right? It's actually Indonesian language that means "Here There", so you can travel around the world here and there with your taste buds in Sana Sini!

Sana Sini  divided into 4 Main Area, which is, Chinese, Japanese, Mediterranean/ Western and Indonesian. Each section has it's own decor, and .... plates ! haha... I love how detailed they are !
Sana Sini also the first one who had the biggest dry box for storing wines! 

Starting my buffet - lunch with my most fave cuisine, Japanese ! :D In this Japanese section, you could find Sashimi, Sushi, Variant Japanese dishes and also fresh seafood. I tried their Sashimi of Salmon, Tuna and Aji ( Japanese Jack Mackerel ), all fresh. The rolls also had nice flavors.

I also tried some Baby Lobster ( say whaatttt ) , Prawns, Mussel and Jellyfish. All fresh and good!

From the Chinese section, I tried some Roasted Duck and some Dimsum. The roasted duck was still juicy and I love the sauce! Tasted authentic.  

I also tried their homemade Noodles. You can choose any toppings that you want, and any type of noodles that they make. The broth was quite savory, and the noodle still springy. Nice ! Oh... in this Chinese section they're also had Fresh Steamed Whole Fish!

From the Indonesian station, I tried some of their satay, Nasi Uduk, Tempe Orek and... Sambal Matah and Sambal Colo - Colo. Too bad the satay was a bit dry, but I love the tempe orek and their sambal! Very authentic and spicy !

Next one is from the Western station, I tried some of the Roasted Beef, Truffled Mashed Potato and Baked Aubergine. It was all cooked perfectly ! Oh.. you can also find their variety of salad and cheese in this section !

One thing you can't miss when you dine here is Their Signature Bread ! Made from hazelnut, black olive and raisin, I fall in love with this artisan bread immediately! The crust was sooooo crispy, and the texture inside was so soft, not like usual artisan European bread that is dense and chewy. I'm really-really a big fan of this freshly made bread !!

Save room for desserts !! Tried some of their homemade ice cream and some of their dessert selections. Once again all was nice, but I like the yellow one the most. Not sure what it's called, but it has fresh lemon taste. Yum.. Oh btw, you can also tried many kinds of Indonesian traditional snack here !
Pistachio and Strawberry !

You can also try their Smoothies Collection. The one that I'm having that day is Childhood, it consist of banana, strawberry, cream and.... marshmallow! The taste was just like a classic smoothies, but the marshmallow makes it different. You still can taste the marshmallow bits in it. It's a fun drink I could say :D

Next smoothies that I try is Vitamins, wake up! It was light and refreshing, and the cinnamon taste in it makes it so special !

Overall, Sana Sini really keeps their quality in each dishes that they serve. This is rarely found especially in a buffet restaurant. So if you haven't pay a visit, I recommend you to do so! 
Last words, Thanks Pullman Hotel Jakarta for inviting :)

Sana Sini
Lobby Level, Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Thamrin 
Jl. M. H. Thamrin 59, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone :  ( 021 ) 31 92 11 11
Facebook : Sana Sini Pullman
Twitter and Instagram : @SanaSiniPullman


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