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I'm back to my fave restaurant at Senopati for their new menu tasting! Well, it's been many times since my first visit ( that you can read my post HERE ), and I keep coming back. Mojo serves yummy food and great ambiance, that's why I always recommend this place to any people that looking good food around Senopati! :p

So that time, we're starting the lunch ( or brunch ) with their appetizer-platter. Fyi, This is not the real presentation, since they only serve small portions for the tasting-session.
First one to try is  Sweet Honey and Soy Sauce Chicken Wings and Korean-style Spicy Chicken Wings - IDR 40.000/portion. The Sweet Honey and Soy sauce one had enough crisp on the skin, the taste ... just like it's name. Sweet! haha... If you're a big fan of Korean style wings, you'll definitely like this. Then, the Spicy one, it was too much ginger taste in my opinion. Would be better if there's more gochujang taste in it.

Next appetizer is Grande Nachos - IDR 85.000. This nachos served with cheddar, chili con carne, jalapeno relish, pico de gallo and guacamole. You can tell it's bursting of flavor.

Next one, I don't know you can classified this as an appetizer or not, but oh well... it' Classic Lengua Taco - IDR55.000. This taco served with Beef Tongue ( oh yes ), pico de gallo, guacamole, jalapeno relish, taco sauce and chipotle aioli. The tongue was quite tender, but since it's in smaller cut, I barely can taste it. I think if it's in bolder slices, the tongue would 'shine' compared to the other ingredients.

And for the mains,  I should start with my most favourite, which is, Pork Belly Confit Burrito Bowl - IDR 89.000. This bowl is a heavenly combinations of rice, pork belly, creamed corn, mojo verde, nori strips, sour cream, KB sauce and mixed veggies. I don't want to think of how much calories in this one bowl, however, I just love the combo. Multi textured and flavorful. I love how the sour cream gives a nice creaminess to it, and the breadcrumbs gives a nice crunch. I also love how they use the Korean beansprouts!  ( which is longer and thinner compared to Indonesian one )

Next one is Chipotle Glazed Herb Chicken - IDR 65.000. I had this one before and I love it! The flavor wasn't that spicy even though they use Chipotle. The chicken had nice smokey taste, with refreshing sour taste in it. They served it with lime and cilantro rice, which goes really well with the chicken.

Fried Chicken and Waffle - IDR 88.000. Actually this is my first chicken and waffle, everrrr. This classic American dish also served with Maple Butter Syrup and Grain Mustard sauce. The fried chickens are cooked perfectly! Juicy but also crispy on the outside. The maple butter sauce gives a nice sweet taste in it. Sweet and savory!

One of their new menu is Mojo Fish and Chips - IDR 90.000. This breaded john-dory fish was served with pineapple coriander salsa and strawberry jalapeno cream sauce. I love the salsa! Refreshing!

Beef Tongue Fried Rice - IDR 69.000. Now you can tell Beef Tongue are starting to be popular here in Jakarta! The Fried Rice was quite nice with salted fish in it, the tongue was quite tender, but I think it's a bit dry. 

And they also served my fave Chipotle Pears Braised Short Ribs, that you can read on my previous post as well. Now are you ready for some desserttttt ? ;D First is Peanut Butter Cheesecake - IDR 69.000. Omg, this is heavenly!! You can still taste the peanuts chunks in it, and yet, it's not too creamy. 

Next is Waffle with Red Velvet Ice Cream - IDR 69.000. I love the cream cheese sauce on it, but the waffle wasn't crispy enough IMO.

Some Drinks you can try. 
Madeira ( Cucumber, Lychee and Lemongrass ) - IDR 40.000
G.S.L ( Guava, Strawberry, Lemon ) - IDR 45.0000
Ginger Berry ( Ginger Ale, Strawberry, Orange, Lychee, Lime ) - IDR 55.000
Nutella Hazelnut Smoothie - IDR 65.000 


Ginger Berry

Nutella Hazelnut Smoothie
Overall, I still have good time and happy tummy. Thanks Rizky and Mojo for inviting!

MOJO Kitchen and Bar
Jl. Kertanegara No.70, South Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021 ) 700 70529
Facebook : MOJO Kitchen and Bar
Twitter : @eat_MOJO


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