London : Koya

In the midst of London's bloody weather, it's always good if you can find a good bowl of hot soup dishes isn't it ? Been heard of Koya or Koya Bar before, so we decided to try this place for lunch. Koya's head chef was a Japanese, so we kind of had that expectation of experiencing real authentic food in Koya. 

That time was lunch time and the place was quite busy. The place wasn't that spacious though, but we finally managed to get seats. The interior was very Japanese. Minimalist and clean.
Also have heard that this place was recommended by David Chang, and Heston Blumenthal also been joining the queue. Higher expectation now? :D

The menu was quite simple. They served hot or cold noodle and also donburi. That time I tried their Butajiru Udon ( Pork )  - £ 11.80. I love their Udon and it's said that it was homemade. It's springy and bouncy and cooked perfectly. The broth however, was quite light compared to the pork udon/ramen that I ever had before. Not oily and had strong ginger taste. With rocket and carrot for garnished, you could say that this udon has been westernized isn't it  ?

Well overall I still kind of enjoying it. But I personally think that the broth could be done much- much better. Well I'm still keen on trying other dishes though if I'm happen to visit London again! :)
Their Tap Water Jar !

49 Frith Street
London W1D 4SG, UK

Phone :  +44 20 7434 4463
Twitter : @KoyaUdon


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