Largo Bistrot

I could say Largo Bistrot is another my favorite restaurant. Even though big name of Aksan Sjuman was behind them, they prove that they had the same passion of 'F O O D'. With it's new interior and 'French- Western food' concept, definitely will bring some fresh air to Jakarta culinary-scene. 

Atmosphere :
Largo Bistrot were quite spacious with its 2 storey space. The 1st floor was more 'masculine' whilst the second floor more 'feminine' with floral-print touch. Since it's Aksan Sjuman, they also take their music/live band seriously. There's a small stage for gig on 1st floor, and the band who performing was selected by Aksan himself. 

Price :
IDR 100.000- 150.000/ person

Food and Drinks :
First of all, I'm sorry I couldn't including the prices because somehow I lost the data :p 

When you dine, they will give you some complimentary of.... sorry I didn't know what they called it :p mini bread? mini dough? dough balls ? anyway..... IT TASTES SO GOOD !! Baked fresh daily, served with olive oil and butter, also coarsed sea-salt sprinkled on it. It's a bit crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Just perfect! And by looking at the picture... I'm craving it >__<
For appetizer you could try this Mediterranean Salad. Oak leaves, romaine and aragula , marinated capsicums, marinated zucchini, tomatoes, mozarella marbles, eggplant caviar toast and Honey balsamic dressings. I love their dressings! Sweet and sour gives the harmony! The mozzarella marbles also gives a nice textures to it.

For mains, you should try their 200gr Largo Tenderloin. They use local beef!!!! The chef want the freshest meats as possible, that's why he opted using local beef rather that frozen imported beef. Doesn't it makes sense?!Yeah we've been fooled by those imported products so we forgot that our local beef also could taste better ( if you could prepared it perfectly of course ). And yes.... the meat was surprisingly tender and cooked perfectly in medium-rared. I love how they use purple yam and enoki mushroom on the sides. It's really gives color to the dish and it's different IMO! And btw, please don't ask for chili sauce ( I know many Indonesian do ), they also served the steak with their 'homemade spiced oil'. So if you like to be more spicy, just add that and it won't ruin your meats.  

For the 'French' side, you could opted their Confit de Canard l’Orange. It's a duck leg that cooked in duck fat, served with homemade candied orange sauce. The duck leg was quite savory, but it would be better if the skin was more crispy in my opinion. The candied orange sauce gives a nice sweet-kick to the dish.

For dessert, you cannot missed this Fondant au Chocolat. It's chocolateyyyy and the berry coulis gives a nice balance to it. Yum!

And for the drinks......  
Blue Curacao Ice Tea
Lychee Mints. Fresh !

Largo Bistrot 

Jalan Benda Raya No 7A, Kemang.
South Jakarta, Indonesia.
Phone : +621 780 4263
Facebook : Largo Bistrot Kemang
Twitter : @largokemang


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