Mojo Kitchen and Bar

If you like to watch 'Street Food Around The World' or 'Eat Street' on Nat Geo, you'll definitely as curious as I am. Especially all those yummy fusion food truck in the States! There's sooo many Asian living in LA and SF. That's why those cities was a melting pot from many cultures. Especially in LA, fusion food are their forte.

If you curious enough just like I am, worry no more, you can try all those yummy fusion Californian food at Mojo!

Atmosphere : 
Although the space was a bit petite, but it was homey and fun with it's mural and wooden furniture.

IDR 100.000-150.000/person

Food :

What's American food without Tacos ?! Korean Style Tacos with Short Ribs - IDR 55.000. You also can opted for chicken or pork belly for your tacos. It was served nicely with cabbage, Kimchi, cucumber pickles. Expect burst of flavor and texture in your mouth when you eat this. The short ribs was cooked well enough, but somehow the taste of kimchi was quite overpowering. 

Next is Chipotle-pears Braised Short Ribs - IDR 99.000. Oh my..... this was T H E  B O M B !!180gr Beef Short Ribs served with Olive Tomato Rice, Creamed Corn, Mojo Verde and Fried Shallots. The short ribs was amazingly tender with its interesting sweet taste, the creamed corn was also yummy! The olive tomato rice needs more improvement though, because tasted a bit so-so to me. 

I also ate their Korean Burrito Bowl ( no pic sorry :p ) which also amazing. Multi-textured and a perfect fusion rice bowl IMO!
Santa Monica Mocktail - IDR 50.000

Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice !

MOJO Kitchen and Bar
Jl. Kertanegara No.70, South Jakarta.
Phone : ( 021 ) 700 70529
Facebook : MOJO Kitchen and Bar
Twitter : @eat_MOJO



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