Singapore : Strangers' Reunion

Back to my coffee journey at Singapore, after a short visit to Nylon Coffee Roasters, I took a walk ( yes walking! ) to this coffee shop at Kampong Bahru. Well.. it's not hard to find, since it's located on the main road. 
Yes it's just me and myself, because my other friends had another agenda. So sorryyyy if I only posted one item on this post. haha... 

The 'new' Strangers Reunion was quite spacious. I've heard they only had 1 shophouse before, now they have 3 shophouses for their space. The space was well decorated with vintage and modern stuff. The service was also nice. Oh I also heard that Strangers' Reunion own by a Singapore National Barista Champ. Nice.

their old signage!

So for my drink, I opted their specialty which is Magic -SGD 5.5. It's basically double ristretto and milk. Ristretto is an even shorter espresso shot. Basically it's just means less water. If double espresso typically 60 ml, double ristretto is typically 45ml. Ristretto also produces a shot with fuller body and more intense flavour than a normal espresso. I quite like the coffee here, the body still there, but I just can't finish it because feel too bloated of the milk :p 

free water!

Strangers' Reunion
33/35/37 Kampong Bahru Road
Phone : +65 6222 4869
Mon–Sun: 9am – 10pm (Closed on Tue)

Facebook : Strangers' Reunion
Twitter : @StrangerReu


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