Food Tasting : Chinese New Year Menu at Tien Chao - Gran Melia Hotel

Last week I was invited by Gran Melia Hotel to taste some of their new Chinese New Year menu at Tien Chao Restaurant. Tien Chao is a Cantonese and Szechuan restaurant that will please your taste buds ! To know more, you can read my previous visit here

The lunch ( or brunch for me :p ) started with their new dimsum selections. First is Steamed Unagi Dumpling - IDR 55.000. Oh my! This is the one that you-have-to-TRY! It's just melts in your mouth! Nice mix of sweet and savory. Yum !

Next one is Steamed Seafood with Carrot Dumpling in Pumpkin Sauce - IDR 55.000. This one is beautifully presented, agree ? I love the texture of it that still crunchy when you bite it. But too bad the pumpkin sauce tasted a bit bland to me.

Chives and Chicken Bun. The bun tasted so soft, with savory filling inside. Simple but yum!

For the Chinese New Year tradition, of course we can't miss Yee Shang ( or Yu Sheng or Lo Hei ). Yee Shang is often served as part of a multi-dish dinner, usually as the appetizer due to its symbolism of "good luck" for the new year. For this year, Tien Chao gives a new twist. Besides the usual traditional Yee Shang, you can opted for their Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Salmon "Yee Sang" in Thai Style. The interesting part is they also put Thai candied melon inside! The soft shell crab gives a nice texture, and you can enjoy it in a lettuce wraps! Sweet, Salty, Spicy...... Harmony in your mouth!

Executive Chinese Chef Ken Choy prepared Yee Shang for us.
mix mix !

For the Chinese New Year Package, you can also enjoy Braised Whole Abalone and Black Mushroom with Green Vegetables. The Abalone was cooked perfectly! This 'luxury' item often to be served at special occasions. I love how the sauce tasted light, so it wasn't overpowering the abalone.  Perfect for celebrates the new year !

You can enjoy all of this menu, start from 31st January - 28th February 2014. You can opted for their Chinese New Year Set Menu 1 with IDR688.000++/person.
Salmon “Yee Sang “ in Red Wine Honey Dressing, Roasted Crispy Duck with Jelly Fish, Braised Sea Treasure Soup, Steamed Star Grouper in “Hongkong“ Style, Sea Prawn in Golden Salted Egg Yolk, Wok Braised Sea Food E-Fu Noodle, Crispy Chinese Yearly cake with Yam, dan Red Bean with Coconut Cream Soup.

Chinese New Year Set Menu 2  IDR788.000++/person.
Salmon “Yee Sang“ in Thai Style, Braised Sea Cucumber with Dry Scallop and Sea Food Dumpling Soup, Braised 10 Head Abalone with Twins Mushroom and Green Vegetables, “Ying Yang“ Sea Prawn in Crispy Mayonnaise and XO Asparagus, Steamed Fish Star Grouper with Garlic and Crispy Salted Vegetables in Light Soya Sauce, Traditional Fried Rice Wrap in Lotus Leaf, Crispy Chinese Yearly cake with Yam, dan Red Bean with Coconut Cream Soup.

and Chinese New Year Set Menu 3 IDR988.000++/person.
Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Salmon “Yee Sang” in Red Wine Honey Dressing, Golden Sea Treasure with Bird Nest Soup, Braised 8 Head Abalone with Spinach Bean curd in Dry Scallops Sauce, Steamed Fish Star Grouper with Chinese Ham and Mushroom in Light Soya Sauce, King Prawn in Butter Cream with Walnut, Traditional Fried Rice Wrap in Lotus Leaf, dan Yam Sago Soup served Sesame Ball with Pandan Paste.

Besides that you can also enjoy Peking Duck (IDR368.000++), Braised 6 Head Abalone (IDR338.000++) or Braised Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw Dried Scallop served in a Claypot (IDR448.000++). 

Tien Chao Restaurant
Lobby 2nd Floor, Gran Melia Hotel Jakarta
Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav X- 0, Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone : ( 021 ) 526 8080 (ext. 2322)
Facebook Page : Gran Melia Jakarta
Twitter : @GranMelia_JKT  


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