Bumbu Den Manado Restaurant

If you following my twitter @nvicl, you'll know that most of my activities are around Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. So yeah... I will share with you my favorite food around this area !:D One of it is this, Bumbu Den ! This restaurant offer authentic Manadonese cuisine that I really love.

Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi province, famous for diving-paradise and well-sing people ( haha... seriously... they're really good at singing just like Bataknese does ). Their cuisine is ..... H O T. And I mean it's really - really spicy. But I love it! I'm a big fan of super-spicy food, that's why Manado cuisine suits me well :p

Before we start, let's talk about their condiments first. This two is a must in Manado food, Dabu- Dabu ( Manadonese Salsa ) and some fried sambal. Dabu-dabu is a mixed of bird eye chillies, red and green tomatoes, shallots and lime. It's really fresh and packed with flavors! Similar to a salsa isn't it ? Bumbu Den's sambal was also winner. It's quite savory and it's definitely ... Hot! Love it!
Dabu- Dabu

In Bumbu Den, you can also order their variety of seafood ( like Ikan Tude or their Ikan Woku that I also like ) that you can share. But for me.. for personal portion, I opted for their Ayam Bakar Rica - IDR 20.000. It's a grilled chicken with special Manadonese chili sauce, Rica-Rica. The chicken was quite big, and the taste of the chicken was more like smoked than grilled. Love the smokey taste on the chicken meat! You can also opted for normal Ayam Bakar if you don't like spicy food.

One that is a Must-Have while you in Bumbu Den is their Perkedel Jagung - IDR 15.000 ( half portion ). It's a fritter made with Corn and some spices. What makes it special is Bumbu Den could make it soooo crispy, yet, we can still taste the sweetness of the corn. Addictive! I could snack this all day :p

For the veggies, you can also opted for their Cah Kangkung - IDR 15.000. It's a stir-fried morning glory, and you can also order their signature stir-fried papaya flower! Seasoned just right and perfectly cooked!

Bumbu Den Manado Restaurant
Jl. Raya Boulevard Kelapa Gading Permai, Blok QA 1 No.6,
North Jakarta
Phone : 021 - 4515371 / 021 - 4501428
 Jl. Boulevard Gading Golf Ruko Diamond, Blok DMD 3 No.38,
Gading Serpong
Phone : 021 - 54216483 


  1. Kaaakk... kapan2 bikin tips mengambil foto boleh yaa... Tentang settingan kamera, settingan makanannya, hehehe..

    habis fotonya bagus@ bagettt

  2. @mevlied nahla : wah makasih... iya nanti dicoba yah..

  3. Makanan sih boleh, tapi servicenya ancurrrr parahhh, pelayannya semua kagak ada sopan santun sama sekali



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