Bandung : Royal Stag Bistro

I always had a thing with anything British. I love their culture, quirkiness, and especially ..... their accent ! Lols.  Even though we're too familiar with their fish and chips, there's a whole lot more of traditional British food that we, Indonesian, didn't familiar about. Not like fancy looking French food, British food are more rustic, warm and home-style. 

Starting with 3 siblings that having their degree in the UK, then they decided to make British-inspired restaurant here at Bandung. Located in the breezy area of Dago and the design of old British house, seriously..  makes me fall in love immediately! The other thing that interesting is their attention to details, such as, their customize dinnerware ! Coolness.

How cool is this!!

Atmosphere : 
I love their high ceiling with vintage rustic decor. Very airy and feels spacious!
Black and White

The stag !

Price : 
IDR 80.000 - 100.000/ person.

Food : 

A very popular British appetizer that you can't missed, Golden Scotch Egg - IDR 27.500. I have high expectation on this, because I really want the yolk to be runny ( like Heston Blumenthal did :p ) , but it's not ;( The reason is not many Indonesian could eat half-boiled egg ( salmonella! ) . But the crust was quite nice though. Savory !

Toast Brown Bread and Veggies - IDR 24.500. They make their own bread fresh daily and it tasted good! The salad also consist some beetroot and the balsamic dressings makes it balanced.

What's British food without Fish and Chips - IDR 62.500. The interesting thing is they served it with Mushy Peas! Sooo British! The fish also perfectly cooked, and you also can enjoy it with their homemade tomato sauce, which made with tomato and beet root !

Another British signature food that Gordon Ramsay's been well known of, Beef Wellington - IDR 82.500. The beef tasted soooo tender with sauteed mushroom stuffed in it. The baked potato on the side also tasted yummy with lots of cheese in it. Too bad the pastry crust wasn't crispy enough though.

A MUST dessert that you should have at Royal Stag, Bread and Butter Pudding - IDR 22.500. Seriously ... it's one of the best Bread and Butter Pudding that I ever have! It's a bit different actually, because you didn't had that crispy top. It was sooooo soft, fluffy and milky ! And the warm toffee sauce on top ..... perfection !

Royal Stag Bistro
Jl. Bukit Dago Utara No.2, Bandung
Phone : ( 022 ) 250 1595
Twitter : @RoyalStagBistro
Instagram : @RoyalStagBistro


  1. Waaah baru yah ini nat...aduuh jadi kangen pulang ke Bandung...thanks reviewnya naat,,,

  2. wihhhhh enak ya kayanya. salam kenal

  3. "I always love British food"

    Well congrats again, now you get to taste not just British Food but also British Guys =p

    Enjoy London, Nat. You so gonna enjoy it =D


    Ruby |



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