Bandung : Lacamera Coffee

Back to my days at Bandung, before me and my friends went back home, we decide to have some caffeine shot. I've heard about this place before, and we decide to give it a shot. 

Atmosphere :
The space was quite huge for a coffee shop actually. It was vintage, quirky with many murals on the wall. Love it !

Price : 
IDR 30.000 - 50.000/ person

Drinks :

For me, Single Espresso - IDR 15.000. I kind of forgot what coffee that they use. I believe it's a blend of Indonesian coffee, if I'm not mistaken. Body was okay, but there's no interesting notes for me.

Red Velvet Latte - IDR 28.000. I order this just because of curiosity. haha... It was chocolate and milk ( and coloring! ) actually. Was okay for me because the chocolate wasn't that 'dark'.

Creme Brulee - IDR 28.000. Always love the sugar 'crack' on top! If you like 'lighter' cafe latte you can try this one.

Mint Mochaccino - IDR 25.000. It's actually tasted good! The mint syrup really gives a nice kick!

Lacamera Coffee
Jl. Naripan No. 79, Bandung
Phone : 022 - 4210200
Facebook : Lacamera Coffee
Twitter : @LacameraCoffee



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