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You're not a real foodie if you haven't visit this hip-market at Singapore! It's a 30.000 square feet of market space with 30 stalls that sells many unique products! Even though it's not easy for tourist to come to this area, believe me, it's worth it! The nearest MRT around is Clementi, but since I also pay a visit to a kitchen store, ToTT, at Dunearn Road, I took taxi from there to go to Pasar Bella at The Grandstand.

It's better if you take taxi though, it's quite far from the main entrance of Turf Club Road to The Grandstand. Seriously... I feel stranded. I never been to this area before, and of course.... seems there's no tourist :p But that's the best thing when you traveling, get lost ! When you lost, you'll found many new interesting thing, you'll meet new friends, you'll do what locals do. Like mine, there's many people that is so kind and willing to help me when I'm thinking to go back from Pasar Bella. Some lady tell me about the free shuttle bus to nearest MRT, so I could save money.

Back to Pasar Bella, I actually really like their interior and concept. The shops here are selling many imported products that is rarely to find at usual market. For the complete list of the shops you can look here. Some that gets my attention is a variety products from Little Provence. They sell gourmet products such as Truffle Oil  ( that I've been looking for! ), also wine, vinegars, tapenades, etc. 

Tangy Tangerines also sell many imported fruits and veggies. Nice isn't it! If you're into tea, there's also Clipper Tea that sells many varieties of teas and tea blends. Not only products, there's also many stalls that offer some food and dessert. The one that interesting to me is Sea Salt Caribbean Deli that brings the authentic taste Caribbean and Latin America. You know this kind of cuisine was quite a trend around America. It's truly interesting to found this type of food around Asia.

Seriously Pasar Bella is definitely 'heaven-on-earth' place if you're a foodie like me. Prepare your tummy and also your wallet, it's definitely worth a visit ! :D

Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah
200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994
Phone: +65 6887 0077
Facebook : Pasar Bella
Twitter : @PasarBella


  1. Baru tau kalo di Sing ada pasar kayak beginian, jadi kudu wajib mampir kalo melipir lagi ke SG.

  2. I went here in October this year and I can say that the roast pork belly from one of the kiosks is awesome. I found another surprising thing too that the chili (sambal) is so hot! concerning locals can not really take such a heat.

  3. went there last week after read your article..thanks

  4. These are very valuable information.



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